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Aramid iPhone case – the armor for your phone

It’s not often that the entire world is talking about one iPhone case. This case, however, deserves all the attention. In order to properly introduce you to this aramid case, first, we need to talk about aramid itself.

What is aramid?

Aramid fibers are synthetic, strong, heat-resistant, high-performance fibers. The molecules are linked by strong hydrogen bonds which give the strength to the fibers. Not only are the fibers strong, but they also possess great resistance to abrasion and organic solvents, they are non-conductive, and perform very well under high temperatures. Polymer molecules have close interaction and crystal orientation equipping the aramid fibers with all of those characteristics.

Source: thegadgetflow.com

In order to bring this definition closer to your hearts, I’ll say that aramid fibers are commonly used for making body armors, bulletproof vests, sailboat ropes, fireproof clothing, and racing car tires. Now it’s more impressive, isn’t it? Aramid has an amazing strength-to-weight ratio meaning it’s very lightweight but extremely durable. Thanks to its heat and flame resistance, aramid is great for making fireproof suits. Now, imagine all of that around your phone. Or click here and take a look.

About the case

By now, it’s probably clear why we say the aramid case is like armor for your phone. It’s good for military-grade equipment and, apparently, for protecting your phone. The thickness of the case is around 0.75mm meaning it’s as thick as a credit card. It’s no surprise that this caught my attention sooner rather than later. And all the tales seem to be true. The textured grip, the durability, the sophisticated, modern look, everything is there. Now let me tell you more.

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The feeling of holding the phone is amazing. The iPhones are thin and have a tendency to slip from your hand. The aramid case gives it a beautiful texture that not only looks good but feels good too. It’s definitely going to make dropping your phone a bit more difficult.

I believe there is no need to talk more about the durability of the case. This material is made to be strong and resistant – it is its only purpose.

The thing that caught my eye is the lack of branding on the case. It fits beautifully around the phone, it doesn’t make the phone much bigger or heavier, and you get to enjoy its simplicity and minimalist design.

However, a flaw, if you can call it that, is the price. Not everyone will be eager to spend that amount of money on a phone case. But keep in mind that this is the case you can use for years without seeing signs of use on it. It will remain clean, scratch-free, and pretty for a really long time.

Source: Youtube

What I also want to point out is just how satisfying it is to press the buttons on the side of the phone. You can also easily access all of the ports and buttons. It truly feels like a second skin on the phone.If you’re ready to stop taking care of your phone and let the case do that for you, you’re ready for aramid.

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