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Angelina Jolie’s kids trying to force her to eat

According to some tabloids, Angelina’s children are working hard to force her to eat. According to NW, Angelina’s children are scared of her skinny look. The alleged source says:

“The kids are getting older and they can tell when Ange eats and when she skips a meal. It’s not lost on them that there are some signs she’s not taking care of herself.”

According to some sources during her relationship with Brad Pitt, he used to be one who could gently persuade Angelina to eat, but after divorce, children’s have to take that role.

Source: Best Ten News

Apparently, Angelina does not sit with her children’s during a meal; she instead “just eats handfuls of nuts or berries standing up.”

Apparently, children are helping their mother. “Pax is a great cook, and he’s always making food, while Shiloh asks if they can go to her favorite restaurants during their bonding days. Maddox makes sure the house is stocked at all times with food that he hopes Angelina will eat.”

NW has often written about Angelina’s health. Gossip Cop broke last year false story that Angelina does not sleep and does not eat, all because of divorce and caring for six children.

Source: The Japan Times

Apparently, Angelina was purposely starving herself, just to Brad Pit look like “bad guy” in that breakup. In February, Gossip Cop released information that Angelina had a “breakdown,” allegedly due Brad Pitt affair with Charlize Theron. In the end, of course, there was no affair with Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron. The whole story is fictitious.

Jolie’s camp has convinced us many times that the actress is in perfect health, and that all stories are meaningless. Angelina has always been slim, and there is no indication that she is thinner than usual. Also, our sources tell us that Angelina’s children do not make persuade Angelina to eat.

Source: gossipcop.com

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