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Angelina Jolie’s children are scared for her health?

“Scared Kids Beg 80-Pound Angie To Eat,” was one of the news published by National Enquirer. They stated how her children think that she’s “frighteningly thing” and are scared for her health. “She was going well for a while, but lately she’s back to eating like a bird, which has the kids terrified,” said an alleged insider to the magazine.

The source further added, “The kids see her skipping meals,” and her son Pax “practically dragged” her out to eat in a restaurant. “The kids are trying anything to get her to eat before it’s too late.”

Source: PopSugar

National Enquirer already had some fake news like this. Just recently they stated how Angelina Jolie was about to die due to her health issues, and that she intends to leave all her money to her eldest son, Maddox.

Jolie’s health and her weight were always an issue for the press, but the reality is that the actress is not in any health danger, and she isn’t losing weight. She has been the same weight for years now, and her children aren’t terrified of the outcome of her not eating simply because – Jolie is eating.

Source: gossipcop.com

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