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Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt – Who Gets Custody?

Although two years have passed since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been divorced, there are still stories about their marriage and custody over children. Former spouses are officially divorced, but the custody battle has not yet been officially ended and this is the main reason why the media continues to write about this former Hollywood couple.

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The fact is that this situation will end at some point, but the stories that appear in various media and tabloids are really sad. Namely, according to some sources, there is disagreement among the children of famous actors. Some media reported that the children gave up their father, while it also can be read that this is not true.

However, as we have said, this saga will end at one point, and by then, it is only true that children do not yet have an official guardian. We were inspired by this situation and decided to introduce some more details from this family drama. So, if you’re ready, let’s start.

The marriage is over, but the custody battle is still ongoing

As we said in the previous section, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been divorced two years ago. However, even though their marriage is over, the saga has not been completed to these days. Although it is not logical that the entire process is still ongoing, the situation is complicated and there is no indication that it will end soon. Meanwhile, the family situation has further complicated.

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One of the current problems is the desire of children not to spend more time with Brad. If you remember, their court process began last summer when the judge brought to Angelina and Brad some kind of friendly agreement as a possible solution because it is definitely the goal of this case, first of all because of their six children. However, the already complicated situation became even more complicated when Brad was accused of not giving financial support to his children.

Brad Pitt denied the accusations and said he had paid millions

It was logical that Pitt would deny all the aforementioned charges and stated that he regularly paid out all the money that his former wife had requested. The popular actor said he had provided all the money he had to pay out for a period of one year and that said that he paid even more than the required amount. According to his statement, he paid a few millions in this period.

Earlier, we mentioned that children are in doubt about spending more time with him, but the last holidays are proof that Pitt is really responsible father. Namely, the children spent a certain time with him through the monitored system. This was the idea of a famous actor to prove to his ex-wife that he is actually very responsible and a good father.

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However, there are no further decisions after this about a joint custody agreement that was concluded at the end of last year, in December. Additional disagreements emerged when Angelina appeared along with all six children at the premiere of Dumbo movie. This her decision created the dissatisfaction of Brad.

Is the joint custody process the only way to reach a common agreement?

In fact, the custody process is not the only way. Although the agreement from December seemed to be fair for both parents who would get the same amount of time to spend with their children, there is still no progress with regard to the final agreement.

So, it will take more time for such a thing. Bu, on the other hand, their children are very close to being 18 years old. This means that after their 18th birthday, they will be able to decide independently whether they want to live with any of their parents or not.

Also, information has emerged that three children don’t want to spend much time with their dad. According to some media, Maddox, Pax and Zahara were not too happy because they spent time with Brad during the previous Christmas.

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However, it may be the right solution for children to decide for themselves with which parent they want to spend time, rather than to other persons decide about that. In any case, when they are 18, they will be able to decide independently and then this drama will definitely end, of course, unless Jolie and Pitt find a solution till then.

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