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Alahna Ly – Net Worth 2019, TikTok , Bio, Life, Height,

Alahna Ly is one of those people who realized that they have a lot of potential and that they need to find the right ways to show it and earn on it. She realized that having good voice was not enough and she also realized that the internet and social media can be used for self-promotion and to show people what she really knows.

Source: Instagram @Alahna Ly

Personal life

She was born on the 11th March in 2000 in Royal Oak, Michigan, the USA. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. From the earliest age she wanted to be in the world of music and she got nothing but support from her family. Even though she realized that social media would bring her fame and money, she does not want her private life to be accessible and shown there and she likes to keep it for herself.

Source: Instagram @Alahna Ly

Social networks

As we have already said, she is most famous for her Instagram account which she used well for her self-promotion. She always posts very nice photos of herself and some of them are even videos in which she twerks. She has managed to gather 1,2m followers on Instagram so far, but there are new follows each and every day.

She used Instagram to show not only her body and nice looks, she used it to show her singing and dancing skills. Her singing and dancing were also recognized on TikTok where she has over 65K fans. Her songs are also available on SoundCloud. Some of the original songs that she performs are ‘The Gold,’ ‘Erase Me Out Of Your Phone’ and ‘So What’s Up’. Apart from these, there are a lot of covers that she has done and uploaded. She has over 3K followers on SoundCloud.

Apart from these social networks, she is also very active on YouTube. She has posted several videos there and they got very popular, one of them having even 45K views.

Alahna Ly Instagram

Source: Instagram @Alahna Ly

Net Worth 2019

Her net worth is $300,000 (per month)

Body Measurements

Weight: 48 kg / 105 lbs
Height:1.42 m / 146 cm/  4′8″
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Brown

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