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AI Scientists have found a way to extend smartphone’s charge without the need for power banks

Many portable power banks are available in the market today. Some are lightweight, some are heavy to carry. Just to make our phone last all day after spending hours on our phone it has become a habit to carry a portable charger in case we might need it.

Although modern smartphones like iPhone XS Max, Galaxy S10+, Huawei P30 Pro come with big battery charge capacity to last almost a day, however, the computational power of the smartphones has also increased and are more power consuming. Given our daily usage of smartphones, it sometimes becomes difficult for our phone to last all day after that single charge. Hence, power banks might be handy in that way.

Source: Forbes

Artificial intelligence (AI) scientists from the University of Essex in England have developed a software agent based on AI, which learns your usage of apps on the smartphones and then optimizes the power consumption and operating temperature of the device. The project is led by Somdip Dey, who is an embedded artificial intelligence researcher at the University and a researcher at the Samsung Electronics R&D Institute, UK. His recent work presented at 2019 International Conference on VLSI Design (VLSID) shows that this AI software is capable of improving the power efficiency by almost 10% compared to the related cutting-edge technologies dealing to improve power consumption in smartphones.

Source: GadgetMatch

This kind of work only provides us the hope that in the future we might not have to depend on carrying a big power brick with us to stop our phones from being dead while watching that favorite Game of Thrones episode. If you want to learn more about the scientist and his work, you can visit this website.

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