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A Peek Behind The Curtain Of Married Sex

In order to “satisfy his curiosity” and not to “brag” or “complain,” Redditor PanicAK, tasked himself with keeping a careful record of how much sex he and his wife had in 2013. He explained that they were 30 and 31 respectively, had been together for 14 years, married for six. They both have full-time jobs and five-year-old twin boys and his wife doesn’t think that handjobs are “her style.” (Does any woman, really?) Make your guesses about what was going on in their bedroom and see how you did after the jump. Also, prepare yourself for the feeling of smug superiority or total shame that’s sure to follow.

Last year, my wife and I had sex 119 times together. This is an average of once every 3.07 days. If you don’t count the days I was out of town for work (5 weeks total) then it becomes once every 2.77 days.

  • Our most popular day was Sunday, where we had sex 35 times, including twice on the same day 7 times.
  • Our least popular day was Wednesday, where we only had sex on 7 days out of the whole year.
  • Most times in one week was 6.
  • Longest streak of sex was 4 days in a row, and that happened once. 3 days in a row happened 4 times.
  • We had sex twice in the same day 14 times. Never 3 times, although there was one day I masturbated, got a blowjob, and had sex!
  • The longest we went without sex was 12 days, not including the weeks I was gone for work.
  • I got 25 blowjobs last year.
  • I never got 2 blowjobs in one day, but once got 3 in the same day o_O
  • The longest I went without a BJ was 58 days.
  • I got 3 hand jobs last year. I like them, but she says “It’s not her style”.
  • I masturbated 60 times last year.
  • My longest masturbation streak was 10 days in a row.
  • The longest I went without masturbating was 35 days.

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