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9 Trendiest Hair Colors This Year

These stunning hair color trends have been around for many months, but it looks like they are still going strong and aren’t about to fade out any time soon. There are so many of these popular hair colors to choose from, but we bring you the trendiest and most exciting ones. Read on to find out which colors we have selected for you!

1. Iridescent Violet

Source: Vimas Gazette

This beautiful shade of purple is all anyone’s talking about this season. It is vibrant and can make anything you wear look more exciting. This shade of hair color can be easily corrected and refreshed since it has blue undertones, which makes your skin appear brighter.

2. Honey-Blonde Ombré

Source: Vick Vanlian

Ombré hair continues to be one of the most popular hairstyles for yet another year. This golden toned ombré with honey-to-blonde gradient is a great combination for you if you like exposed and grungy roots. This stylish hair color will definitely not be high maintenance, so we see why it is in such high demand.

3. Crimson Red

Source: Mydentity

This vivid fiery red has replaced the rose gold tones on the throne, and we cannot even be mad because it looks so beautiful.

4. Jet Black

Source: Instagram

Jet Black hair color is another classic hair trend that made it into the spotlight this season. Even if your emo years are behind you, you cannot deny that this inky shade of black can look extremely good with a long bob. If you are a hair-chameleon, there is no doubt that you could enjoy this dark shade.

5. Ashy Brown

Source: Instagram

If the jet black is just too much for you, this ashy brown shade could be your next favorite hair color. It is a perfect mix of muted gray and warm brown color.

6. Icy Platinum Blonde

Source: southernliving.com

The shade of blonde that has gotten the most love this year is undoubtedly the icy platinum one. This almost white blonde is not easy to maintain, but it is most certainly worth it.

7. Cold Brew

Source: Refinery29

Despite this shade being called cold brew, it is actually a warm brown color that is inspired by the caffeinated drink of the same name. This brown shade is enriched by mahogany and red highlights, which gives it a warmer colored look. This hair color could be an excellent fit for someone who wants a little bit of red in their hair but is not ready for covering it entirely in crimson.

8. Toasted Coconut

Source: Allure

The toasted coconut is a new addition to the blonde and brunette mix of hair colors, popularly known as bronde. This toasted coconut shade is a gradient made out of a brown root and bright blonde at the ends, which makes a high contrast in the hair color. You can grow out your roots even more if you enjoy a toastier coconut look.

9. Lilac Champagne

Source: Glamour UK

If having your hair dyed with the lilac color is too intense and intimidating for you, this might be the perfect shade for you to try out. Lilac Champagne is one of those shades that look different when you are under different lighting, so it is not easy to describe. It is a mix between a cool champagne color, icy blond, and light purple shade.


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