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9 stylish and creative ways to decorate walls in your home

Whether you just moved into a new home, or live in one for a while, you must be aware of constant rearranging of the living space. It never ends. Nevertheless, sometimes you just lack inspiration, and that is why we are here to show you nine stylish and creative ways to decorate your walls in order to upgrade the place you live in.

1. Make a picture gallery from top to bottom of the wall

Source: Pinterest

When you say home pictures and gallery, the first thing that comes to mind are a few pictures on the wall here and there. However, don’t be afraid to expand your horizons with a picture gallery from top to bottom. Pick a wall, large pictures at the bottom and smaller on the top.

2. Lean artwork on the wall

Source: Architectural Digest

Do pictures always have to hang on the wall, the short answer is no. One way is to lean pictures on the wall and like that decorate your home, no more hammer and nails just a new way of showing artwork in your collection.

3. Match colors

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If painting the walls is an option, then make sure colors will match with pictures and embellishments you put on them.

4. Wall stickers

Source: Notonthehighstreet.com

Wallpapers are in again. But, if you don’t have a big budget, you can go with wall stickers. The vast choice to choose from, and they come in all shapes and sizes, any color you like, and you can mix and match them with your furniture.

5. Plates

Source: Small Design Ideas

Yes, that is right, plates. Not just for serving food and eating. The more, the merrier, every size you have big and small, any shape oval or round with a design on them or plain white. Put them on your wall and enjoy. If you live in a smaller apartment, use coffee plates.

6. Paint bricks in white

Source: Architectural Digest

If you are not fond of that industrial look and think, those bricks don’t look very nice, paint them in white and arrange your living space the way you like.

7. Lettering

Source: Pinterest

Wall lettering stickers and stencils can be found in bookstores, and will surely liven up the place.

8. Go back to childhood

Source: Our House Now a Home

We all know what a pegboard is, usually used for tools or pans and pots. However, look further, you can attach pictures and little souvenirs on it, and make a beautiful header in the bedroom.

9. Beauty of nature

Source: Architectural Digest

Bring a breath of fresh air by planting a climbing plant with flowers that will spread all over the wall; it looks great.

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