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9 Best Barbie Houses – The Frisky

Remember when Barbie used to have only one Dream House, well, those days are long gone. Now, the most famous doll in the world has a broad spectrum of houses. They come in all shapes and sizes, literally. Does your Barbie girl live under the sea – choose a mermaid’s house, or does she explore all the mysteries of the universe, in that case, the perfect house for her is space shuttle – like home. Plus, these houses can transform and have some additional parts that grow a kid’s imagination. Let’s take a tour through some of the most interesting Barbie’s Dream Houses.

Camping Fun Cabin

Source: Amazon.com

If you spend a lot of time outside with your family, then your kid will adore a Camping Fun Cabin because her Barbie doll will have everything she needs after a hard time hiking through the mountains. She can rest by the fireplace, make some hot chocolate in a tiny little cups, or enjoy her big sofa.

Dream Camper FBR34

The summer is coming and its time to think about where to spend it. But why choose one place, when you can have summer on rolling wheels and have a trip around the world. Provide your kid the Dream Camper FBR34 and spark his imagination to have the best adventures with her doll. P.S. This is not just an ordinary camp house – it has a pool with a water slide!

Pink Passport 3 Story

Source: Amazon.com

On the other hand, if you prefer to have a deluxe apartment with a view of the sea – we have a solution! Pink Passport 3 Story is a dream come true. This house has two floors and a rooftop sun deck with two lounge chairs. Also, the closet in the bedroom is big enough so Barbie can fit all her clothes in it.

Club Chelsea Clubhouse

Source: Amazon UK

Even the baby dolls are not forgotten, your child can have a cute small house for her little friend. Although Club Chelsea Clubhouse is small, it has everything one house can need – chairs, dining table, oven, and refrigerator that can open, even an elevator with a basket that carries a teddy bear that leads to the bedroom upstairs.

Dreamtopia Sweetville

Source: Amazon.com

Every girl wants to be a princess and live in a castle. Now, her dream can come true with this Dreamtopia Sweetville. The lively and sparkling colors of a castle, luxurious towels, and settings for cake time will keep your child busy for hours. And this is s set for Mermaid Barbie, too, because there is a removable tub. How cool is that?

Glam Getaway

Source: Amazon.com

If your child is very active and loves to go everywhere with her favorite toys, Glam Getaway House is a perfect choice. This house can be carried as a fancy bag with everything that Barbie needs inside. It’s very compact, with a lot of decorative touches and realistic bathroom products.

Star Light Adventure Galaxy Castle

Source: Amazon.com

Even dolls that have a very responsible and intriguing job to explore the infinity of space need time for relaxation. Star Light Adventure Galaxy Castle is built to that purpose. Its Milky way colored walls, ads such as hoverboards and pair of shiny silver boots will make an impression that we really have an astronaut over here.

Portable FXG54

Source: Amazon UK

Your child does not mind tiding up her room. Are her toys all over the house? Resolve your problems and buy her Portable FXG54. There are not a lot of furniture and features; it is a small yet compact Barbie house. This house may prepare your daughter to plan her life in the limits of a budget, which will be very useful in her college days.

DreamHouse FHY73

Source: Best Buy

When we think of a perfect Barbie’s house, we imagine three-story house, slide, an elevator, puppies, luxury furniture, and many well-decorated rooms. We have just described Dream House FHY73. Barbie doll will have literary everything in this house. Moreover, she can raise a family in this house. There are enough rooms for cute kids, and a charming husband, Ken. Thereby, this type of home may influence your daughter future life. Big family and a comfortable, expensive house, easy living can be her main goal in life.

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