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8 Things You Shouldn’t Keep in Your Bathroom

Did you ever think what kind of an effect warm and moist environment like a bathroom have on your belongings? Make-up, jewelry, towels, and many more have no place in such an environment.

1. Nail polish

Source: House Beautiful

Nail polish has an expiring date of about two years, but that date can change if he is kept in a bathroom instead of on room temperature.

2. Medicines

Source: The Jakarta Post

Certainly, meds do not belong in a bathroom, from all the humidity and temperature variations they are better to keep on room temperature.

3. Make-up

Source: Prima.co.uk

No matter what kind of make-up you use, it is better for it to be on a room temperature than in a bathroom.

4. Soap

Source: Seven Colonial

Soaps can get messy, and you have to clean the container they are in and sink almost every day. A far better solution is liquid soap dispenser, much cleaner and you don’t have to wash your bathroom after you wash hands.

5. Jewelry

Source: The Jakarta Post

Metal and water, not a good combination, even if jewelry won’t rust and fall apart, it will turn color and decay much faster when in such an environment.

6. Bed sheets

Source: dissolve.com

If you don’t want your sheets to be molded, it is better to keep them in some less damp place.

7. Razor

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If you use a razor, then it is ok for it to be in a bathroom, but unused ones should not be in it, moisture can make a sharp edge dull.

8. Perfume

Source: Decorpad

You probably didn’t know, but perfume can be affected by moisture and temperatures variations too. It can change its scent, and you probably don’t want that.

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