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7 Awesome Hatchimals – The Frisky

If your kid is not ready to handle a puppy or a kitty, maybe you should buy him a Hatchimals. They are interactive toys which can dance, walk and speak, and tell you when they are hungry or sad, and a variety of different emotions or needs. This toy is excellent for teaching kids responsibility, and they are a good companion for them.

7. Twinkling Owlicorn

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Magical and mysterious, perfect for children that like that kind of stuff, this toy is a blend of an owl and a unicorn. It has a glittery crystal nest, it is well made, perfect for magic parties but some say it hatches too quickly and the egg is quite dull.

6. Giraven Surprise Twins

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Full of spots on their fur, always smiling and with those adorable feet this Hatcimal stands out from the rest. Perfect for the different kid, in a good way. These Giraven Surprise Twins don’t move around much, but they can repeat what you say, and they say I love you to one another.

5. Colleggtibles 12 Pack

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12 Hatchimals in a pack, your kid will go crazy about these. Sparkly carton comes with eggs inside, two of them don’t have shells, but they all look so comfy in there, and you can stack cases.

4. Nursery Playset

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This Nursery Playset can hold 35 mini Hatchimals. A plays for your kid’s toys to play.  Hatchimals need somewhere to live and play, and with a swing set, a slide, bench, they can do that on this playset. It is a jungle for your animals, and it comes with a colleggtible.

3. Sparkly Penguala

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This is a great birthday present, and your kid will not go anywhere without it. Sparkly Penguala when it hatches has glittery fur, stars on the wings, fluffy hair and colorful rainbow eyes, and it sings happy birthday.

2. Four-Pack Colleggtibles

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If you do not want a big Hatchimal, this four-pack is great. Instead of one big toy, there are for unique smaller ones with hearts on a shell that show you when the hatching time is coming, they do not take a lot of space, come with a collector’s map, and they are a toy if you are on a budget.

1. Surprise Twins Zuffin

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If you have twins, then this is a perfect gift, only one egg but when it hatches two awesome Hatchimals come out. Twins Zuffin is identical but with a wide range of personalities and needs like cuddling and interacting via well-programmed actions. It comes with a charm bracelet.

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