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6 Tips to Prevent and Manage Migraine Headaches

If you are suffering from migraine, then you already know that it is not just any ordinary headache. Migraines can have some painful symptoms such as the feeling of throbbing pain, usually on one side of the head,  and there are changes in the vision, heightened sensitivity to bright light, and may even cause nausea. Migraines can be taxing on the mind and can force people to retreat to a dark room or maybe a peaceful place and stay there until the pain goes away. Recovering from a migraine may take a lot of time; it can last for many hours or even days. Most of the people suffering from migraines are prescribed medicines like here which are useful in treating this condition. It can make your headaches less severe; make you get fewer migraine attacks, and also help in making your headache spans shorter.

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While certain pills help you manage your migraine headaches, you can also work on a few lifestyle changes that can help you in preventing the condition naturally. Migraines are usually caused due to genetic disorders, but can also be triggered by anxiety, hormonal changes, ongoing medications, etc. People who have a history of migraines in their family are more prone to this condition, and they should be extra cautious. Here are six tips to prevent and manage your migraine headaches:

  • Sleep Well: The best thing you can do is ensure that you sleep well enough for your body to be relaxed, at peace, and healthy. Lack of sleep can cause a lot of troubles including deterioration of the mind and the body. It can cause irritation, anxiety, and may even trigger migraines. Aim to follow a proper schedule; go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. Make sure you sleep for at least seven to eight hours a day.

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  • Yoga: It has been scientifically proven that yoga can bring about many positive changes to your body and mind. Practice yoga daily, and you’ll notice the difference in a matter of weeks. It works naturally by reducing your anxiety and depression levels, and thus, it helps in preventing triggers that cause migraines.
  • Meditation: If you are having a migraine attack, it would be best to go to a dark room without any noise or bright lights and meditate for a while. The meditation distracts you from the pain and helps you concentrate on positive energy. Try to relax and lie down for a while. Meditation will also help you improve your threshold for pain.
  • Exercise Regularly: This is one of the best ways to manage your migraines and prevent them from coming back frequently. An active body is healthier and less prone to neurological disorders. While exercising, endorphins are released in the body, which helps reduce pain. Exercising also helps in managing your levels of stress and anxiety which are known to trigger migraines. Thus, the best way to fight migraines is by preventing it.

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  • Ice Packs: Ice packs or cool pads are a fantastic way of finding relief from a migraine headache. Whenever a migraine headache starts, cool it off by using ice packs or cool pads, and you’ll be surprised to observe that it helps by reducing the severity of the pain. It is probably because it tends to numb down the parts that are hurting by decreasing the flow of the blood.
  • Coffee: A cup of coffee or any caffeine based drink can also help in reducing the headache. This is because caffeine has a characteristic that helps find relief from pain by giving a boost to your body, something like a steroid but not exactly like it. However, you must not rely on coffee too much and drink it only in moderation; otherwise, it may become more of a habit that becomes difficult to stop.

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Please bear in mind that these tips and suggestions are generic and should not be perceived as professional medical advice as they may or may not be suitable for everyone. We suggest you should first visit your doctor or physician, seek advice, and follow any medication or therapy as prescribed.

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