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6 Shoes You Must Have This Summer

Summer is finally here, warmer days are in front of us, and the winter wardrobe is being replaced in our closets. New clothes are in the stores, and with them, we must think of appropriate footwear to match. In 2019, it is all about the style, but we want something that can last as well.

Sandals are possibly the best summer choice; they are versatile, practical, and perfect for all-day weddings. If you do not like heals than espadrilles are great, they are light and chic, and if you are sports type than lightweight sneakers are back in style and excellent with dresses and skirts as well as pants and shorts. No matter what you decide, it is important that you feel good in them, and they will fit you perfectly.

Leather slides sandals

Source: Etsy

One of the must-have footwear items this summer to have is definitely leather slides. Perfect for every day, and go well with any combination or style you have, color is up to you, and there are plenty to choose from.

Mid-heel ‘naked’ sandals

Source: eBay

Another must-have for the upcoming summer season, lightweight, and comfortable tanks to small stiletto perfect to last a whole day wedding or event. Classic look, yet very modern with minimal straps, all leather, it is a durable and great looking for 2019.

Slingback shoes

Source: Damart

They spell elegance, great for every day and especially good as office shoes. Open back style will keep your feet cool in the hot weather, and close front-end looks very professional a businesswoman shoe.

Chunky sandals


Maybe they are not your thing, but these are saying comfortable all over them. They are practical and versatile, thick straps mean they are not going to slide from your foot, they will stay put, and they are getting popular every season.

Leather sneakers

Source: Design Milk

Casual look, and if you like that, then clean white leather sneakers are a perfect choice. They are light and comfortable, and can combine great with dresses or skirts; no summer wardrobe can go without them.

Wedge espadrilles

Source: Vici

There is not a shoe that says more summer than espadrilles, and these wedge espadrilles are slowly coming to the scene again. Skirt and a blouse with straw-hat and espadrilles to complete the look, and off to the beach drinking cocktails, perfect.

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