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6 Antique Vibrators That Will Frighten Your Vagina

Vibrators as we know them haven’t always existed. Back in the day, women used some crazy (and scary looking) contraptions on their nether regions. Vibrators were originally introduced in the 19th century as a medical tool to treat female hysteria. Doctors would give the women “pelvic massages” until they had orgasms. But they found this course of treatment to be too laborious (oh, poor them), hence the invention of the vibrator. San Francisco’s new Antique Vibrator Museum will feature a special exhibit of antiquated sex devices. Like this “Blood Circulator,” which was popular in the late 1800’s. Operated by a hand crank, the device allegedly cured more than hysteria. It was used to treat pain, deafness, anemia, heart disease, polio, and menstrual cramps. Well, doesn’t that thing look fun … and vaguely like a meat grinder. Click through to see some more of the museums’s craziest collectibles, sure to frighten the crap out of your vagina.

Dr. Macaura’s Pulsocon Blood Circulator

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Pneumatic Vibrator

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This fun contraption, which totally looks like it should be used to make coffee, was gas powered.  So yeah, just hook it up to your gas tank and have at it. That doesn’t sound dangerous at all.

Dr. Johansen’s Vibrator

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This does not look like it should be used on a human body. By the time you decide what attachment you want to use, you’re already turned off. Never mind that pesky hand crank.

Polar Cub

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At least you can plug this one in … and blow dry your crotch.


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Need your privates sanded?


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Or you could always iron yourself to orgasm with the Redusaway.

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