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5 tips to buy the best computer glasses

If you are one among those who spend most of the time working before the computer, you are more likely to be prone to different nervous complexities, certainly due to digital eye strain. It is because the visual demands of working before the laptop or a computer screen are usually different from that of performing another day to day activities. Blurred vision, red eyes, affect sleep and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS)., become quite common!

Eye complications are being observed in people of all age groups. However, people under the age of 40 suffering from blurred vision or eye strain are less likely to remain focused on the screen for a long time. It occurs usually due to the difficulty faced by the eye to change focus from the keyboard to the screen of the device and vice versa. In other terms, it could be called as an accommodation problem. However, people above 40 years can face this issue due to the onset of presbyopia, a normal age-related loss of focusing ability.

An individual must be conscious enough about conducting a comprehensive eye test as it is undoubtedly one of the vital organs of the body. Besides, one must update the eyeglasses prescription at a regular interval to ensure proper detection of even the minor inaccuracies that have been contributing to vision issues.

Not sure where to buy your computer glass? Here are a few expert tips from Simvey that will help you make the right pick. Read on to know more!

Acetate – frame material:

Source: Verywell Health

Choosing the right frame is as important as buying the right pair of socks for your feet. Majority of the people usually prefer acetate over metal, wood and plastic since it is lightweight. Besides, it is durable and non-allergic with a long-lasting lifespan with appropriate handling. Thus, if you are after comfortability preferences, choose these acetate frames without any second thought.

Fiber lens over transparent glasses:

Source: DealNews

Fiber lens is generally considered to be more effective than the glasses due to their ray blocking potential. Besides, they own greater endurance. Glasses are more prone to breakage if not handled with care. Hence, fiber lens is more preferred since they are potent of blocking your eyes from the harmful rays, while at the same time, last for a longer time, as well!

Modern screens emit less UV light and more blue light:

Source: pexels.com

Well, we see that most of the consumers these days are usually concerned about the UV ray’s protection availability in their computer glasses. They emit no UV rays and since the blue light is regarded as the main villain for computer users, being the most penetrative, even higher than that of the UV radiation and attacks the eyes directly, you should be aware of selecting the screen. It can otherwise lead to muscular degeneration and vision loss problems in the worst cases.

Contact an eye specialist (an optometrist or an ophthalmologist) before the purchase:

Source: Popular Mechanics

Most people usually rely on the local opticians based on a few tests and hover onto purchasing the glasses without even consulting with an ophthalmologist. Well, this is something truly a cause of worry since one must always refer to an ophthalmologist who is well inspired by carrying out surgeries and could thus, provide a better diagnosis.

Using anti-blue light lenses or amber lenses is highly recommended:

Source: bluwinx

Since the blue light is the most penetrative, using anti-blue lenses is suggested. Besides, they are made up of fiber and own special external coatings that are capable of protecting the eyes from the rays of computer or cell phones. Another recent trend that has been going around these days is the shift of the buyers from the regular glasses to that of the amber lenses. The latter variety is not just helpful to block the blue light but at the same time, it assures in offering great relief from eye strain and other CVS. Also, it is known to improve sleep intensity and the mood of the wearer and consequently has grown up to be one of the best choices among IT professionals.

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