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5 Recurring Dreams And What They Actually Mean

It happens to everyone sooner or later in life: for a longer or shorter period, we always have the same dream. If you too happen to have recurring dreams, you will probably be wondering why it happens and above all how to interpret the meaning of this kind of dreams.

Let’s start with great truth: recurrent dreams are very important, as they represent a message of the unconscious that repeats itself, precisely because it needs to be heard. It is as if inside of us a little voice says: “You have not listened to me before, so I repeat it until you decide to keep me in mind”.

The messages hidden in recurrent dreams are almost always linked to fundamental questions for the dreamer: problems to be solved, objectives to be achieved, obstacles to overcome are just some examples of possible meanings.

Recurring dreams: what they are and how to interpret them?

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Some recurring dreams are more frequent than others: dreams about being lost (about this dream you can read more), of being naked in public, of being dead or falling into the void.

Many of these dreams leave us with vivid sensations on awakening, which often cause anxiety and a sense of inadequacy.

There are three types of recurrent dreams: those that happen every once in a while, those in the long run and those that are repeated years later. Let’s find out the hidden motivations and meanings together.

Recurring dreams in a short time: what are they hiding?

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The dreams that are repeated for a short time span, which can be a few days or at most a few weeks, are usually linked to a conflict or a problem to be solved urgently.

In these cases, the reason may depend on a concern, a stressful situation, and a complicated relationship: all situations that in one way or another our unconscious asks us to resolve in order not to hinder our well-being and our personal growth.

The recurring dreams in a short time usually disappear when the obstacle in question is overcome.

Recurring dreams in a long time. What do they mean?

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If a dream occurs in a recurrent way for a long time, which can go from a few months to some years, there are two possible alternatives: the situation in question is a main theme of life, with which we are forced to deal with on various occasions, or the solution to the problem requires long timescales.

In the first case, our unconscious tries to channel our attention, but even by solving the question the dream will probably repeat itself because it is linked to something that tends to return to our life.

In the second case, recurrent dreams are linked to profound transformations that affect our character and our personality and require long periods of time: these dreams do not always have a negative meaning, on the contrary.

They often testify to our path of inner growth and disappear when we finish the stage: before disappearing, however, it will come back again but with variations, which are the way of our unconscious to communicate the change that has occurred.

Dreams that are repeated years later: why?

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In some cases the recurring dream reappears after many years, perhaps appearing two or three times over the whole life.

In this case, the first time the dream behaves like a kind of seed that the unconscious plants to make a change sprout within us that will need to go a long way before it is realized.

Recurrent dreams of this type can also occur 10 years apart and often represent the beginning and end of an important life cycle.

Here are 5 of the most common recurring dreams:

  1. Dreaming of Falling – Dreaming of falling sometimes indicates that there is something that does not make us lose stability, others may indicate the ability to let go of new things with serenity.
  2. Dreaming of death – Underlies a coming change. For Jung to dream of death means that one is going through a personal transformation towards a new self or a new life.
  3. Dream of return to school – It means that we want to remember a lesson that we have not yet learned. Sometimes it can refer to regret or a wrong choice.
  4. Dreaming of flying – The flight is the metaphor of our ability to achieve the set goals: for this, it gives us a feeling of well-being and freedom.
  5. Dreams of being chased – This dream refers to the fact that we want to escape from something that we do not want to take into account. In practice, it is a sign of lack of responsibility.

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