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5 Mistakes You Make When You Hang Curtains

We all know that curtains can bring warmth and a cozy feel to a home, they come in all shapes and sizes, but before you hang them, you should know something.


1. Wrong measurements

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Do not just go and buy curtains, first measure the windows, make sure when they come the fitting is proper, so you would be happy with the final results.


2. Attaching a curtain too low

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The best place to put a curtain mount is on the sealing so that a room would look bigger, that is especially important for a smaller room.


3. Short curtains

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If you are after that classic look then it is best if they go all the way to the ground, short curtains don’t look very nice.


4. Volume

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If you want that “full” look, long, dashing curtains, they should be two times wider than the windows you want to put them over. For example, if the window is 50 inches wide, they should be at least a 100.


5. Ironing

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Don’t be messy, curtains won’t iron themselves, and if you think when you put them on they will straighten after a few days, they won’t. Some curtains need no ironing, but if you have ones that do don’t be lazy.

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