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5 Flowers to Send on Anniversary

Anniversary is a beautiful time to show someone how much you appreciate them and since it comes every year, you have to stay creative and think of a nice gift every year. Luckily, you have flowers to help you. Flowers can be a beautiful gift on their own or they can supplement something else. There are flowers that are typically gifted for certain anniversary milestones, but you don’t have to follow the rules always. You have every right to go crazy and be creative with your anniversary bouquet!


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This small, beautiful, gentle flower is a great gift for the beginning of your relationship. It’s typically gifted on the first or second anniversary. A potted plant of pansies is an amazing gift and will be a beautiful symbol of a newly formed love. The colorful flowers will bring a breath of fresh air into your new lives and home. The flower is as delicate as your newly formed marriage.


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Carnations are always a popular choice. Many women love carnations as the flower is so gentle and feminine. The light color of the flower can fit beautifully in any space. Carnations are also gifted on some of the first anniversaries. They come in numerous different colors so you can choose her favorite. This flower symbolizes new beginnings, love, and passion, and as such is a wonderful way of showing your love. A bouquet of carnations and chrysanthemums as the one that can be seen on LolaFlora Russia, is just the colorful combination you should be looking for.


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This flower with an interesting shape and an even prettier color, is a great choice for your second or third anniversary. The beautiful transformation from a newlywed couple to a more experienced one is nicely presented by this flower. Its unique appearance will bring a huge smile to anyone’s face. They don’t require too much attention, but occasional love and watering is necessary.


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As you go deeper into your relationship, new traditions, new emotions, new people enter your life. Daisies are beautiful flowers that represent those changes. After three or four years of you two being together, living together, and building your lives together, your relationship is not as delicate anymore as it is strong and stable. Daisies are flowers that are both gentle and strong at the same time and as such, are a great way of showing your loved one that you appreciate them. They symbolize love, fidelity, and most of all, hope. There is no better way of surprising your loved one than with a colorful bouquet of daisies.


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This flower has an interesting appearance. It’s an exotic and bold choice. After a few years of you two sharing a life, it’s time to move from simple, delicate flowers, to something more intriguing and bolder. It can be a beautiful symbol of new changes, of the growth, and of everything you’ve accomplished together throughout the years. This intriguing and beautiful flower will show your significant other how much you love their uniqueness. They can also come in numerous different colors, from a gentle white to a pretty red and purple.


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