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5 Best Ways to Treat Constipation

Most of the times, when we get sick it is because we are not taking care of ourselves. However, it might happen just like that and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. There are plenty of diseases and one of the rough us, that limit us is constipation. Whether you have felt it on your skin or heard it from somebody else, this is a state that requires immediate attention. For many reasons, it can occur like lack of physical activity (time spent in front of your computer), wrong choice of food (junk food), inherent slow metabolism (DNK), and many more but we want to talk how to treat it properly. Here are some of the things you can do to improve the situation.

Source: Ask Dr. Shah

1. Make a habit of continually doing exercises. This is a known and proven fact that introducing regular activities once or twice a week stimulates your stomach to work much better. Stress is also a factor that can lead to constipation, but as we said, doing exercises is a procedure that helps you relieve yourself from that too. The overall effect of training on your own can be seen, bringing benefits to your health in general. Whether you are addicted to spending some time jogging, working out, or only spending one hour every third day can help protect your stomach from different disease.

Source: Ayurvedum

2. Natural tea made out of Japan tree known as Kukicha. Also known as the twig tea has different ways to be prepared and it stimulates the stomach to work, act as detoxification in your body and is natural. The first way to prepare the mentioned tea is by toasting the twigs of the tree, before putting them in the water to boil – this is a neutral way of preparing it and the tea doesn’t have any taste. The other way is to boil the leaves of the tree, and this is Bocha tea recognizable for a strong taste. We suggest including it in your menu after every meal you have.

3. MiraLAX is an osmotic laxative highly efficient in treating constipation. Known for it for short term use, and in some cases with constant problems with constipation even used for long-term to treatment. The results when using MiraLAX will be seen through a bowel movement within one to three days. It is approved for over-the-counter sale to younger children and babies younger than two years of age, also for adolescents above 15 years of age and adults. More information about it can be found here.

Source: Consumer Reports

4. Chia seeds are next on our list. As a natural laxative, chia seeds transform into liquid form of jelly when putting into the water. The mentioned fact makes them perfect to combine your food with, once in your stomach they will take a more gel-like texture, which is useful if you have constipation. Easy to use, affordable, and natural.

5. Introduce Leafy greens in your daily menu. The point is that all of us don’t eat the required 25gr per day, and when time passes, we recognize it in the form of constipation. Kale, cabbage, and spinach are full of fiber to help with your stomach ache, and stop the potential of constipation limiting you and your lifestyle. A good habit is hard to make your own, but know when you have five tips you can make a difference today.

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