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5 Best Hydrotherapy Shower Heads

Sometimes you just want to take a shower. But all the sprinkling and splashing takes you to that peaceful place where you want to enjoy the rainstorm forever. Try these at home and you will thank me later.

1. AquaDance Premium High-Pressure Shower Head

Source: Lowe’s

With its affordable price (under-$13) and six massage settings, this shower head could be your smartest investment this month. It will be a perfect replacement to your old one, especially if it started splashing water all around, or simply not providing you with enough pressure. AquaDance is giving the experience as promised in the name – it has a 4-inch face head that will make you feel like standing under a large rainy cloud.

Additional benefit: You can install it in a matter of seconds, with no tools required.

2. Niagara Earth Massage Low flow Shower Head

Source: The Home Depot Canada

If you are looking for the most economical solution for your bath time, Niagara Earth Massage has just the thing for you. Its price tag is under $10, while it also saves water with its low flow feature. 1.25 gallons of water will come out in a minute. So what? So, more money will come out of your wallet.

Additional benefit: Don’t let the low price fool you, this pick guarantees to boost your showers with pleasure using a 9-jet turbo massage feature.

3. Hydroluxe 2-in-1 Shower Head

Source: ebay.com

Now, this pick is no ordinary shower head. It transforms into your best friend and life-saver if you have to give your baby or puppy a bath. The double complete consist of a fixed shower head and a hand-held part that you can use separately or together. Talking about customizing your pleasure. Not only that, with a variety of rain settings, your shower will become a festive hydrotherapy time. The only problem that might pop up is choosing which setting you prefer.

Additional benefit: This pick is on sale, hurry up!

4. Luxurious SparkPod Rainfall Shower Head

Source: SparkPod

Who doesn’t like to have a nice, long bath after a hard day at work, and indulge in the squeaky cleanness afterward? This luxurious pick from SparkPod will give you even more: you can experience up to 90 different pressure massages, from tender raindrops to a sudden summer cloudburst. The downpour of warm water will release all the pressure that has been accumulating in your muscles throughout the day. Just add a soft blanket after your therapy, and you are all set to go sweet dreaming.

Additional benefit: Thanks to its anti-clogging jets, this pick has a self-cleaning feature. Say goodbye to scrubbing!

5. MEE High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

Source: Amazon

The main advantage of this shower head is that you won’t even feel it’s there. Even though you would be holding it in your hand! Specially designed to be featherlike and made out of chrome, this hand-held pick will make the showering easy. It can help you minimize the effort of reaching the tricky areas, so you are all shiny and sparky once you get out of the shower. Additionally, the three different pressure modes will ensure that the process is therapeutical as well.

Additional benefit: This shower head will surely reduce the amount of time that you have to spend in the shower, so it’s perfect for all of you who are always in a hurry.

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