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5 Best Diono Car Seats That You Can Trust

Driving a car demands full attention from the minute we sit in the car until the moment we get out. We need to be 100% concentrated on our surroundings and on other people who are participants in the traffic. When you put your baby in a car, you need to be extra safe that the baby has full protection. We bring you the top 5 Diono Car seats that you can trust and put in your car.

1. Diono Radian 3R Convertible Car Seat

Source: Aux Petits Pas

(Best option)

This all in one Car Seat is recommended by Amazon for keeping safe your child in the back seat. You can use this car seat during the years because it adjusts to the babies height. The design is low profile so you can take in and out from the car easily. Also, if you have more children, it is not a problem because it can fit two more car seats.

2. Diono Cambria Booster

Source: Walmart

(Smart budget choice)

This one is a favorite among the parents because it is a combination of quality, affordable price, and reliable protection. It has six-position headrest which you can adjust, and sidewalls are filled with energy-absorbing foam. Your child can take a nap in this comfort car seat. There are two cup holders on the sides, so your child can put its juice there without spilling it all over the car.

3. Monterey XT Booster by Diono

Source: Tjskids

(Best Energy booster)

If you think that your child will grow up quickly – you are right, because time flies. This car seat is adjustable and comfortable for children up to 120 pounds and leaves enough space around it. It has a sleek design and gives your child extra energy so they will enjoy while sitting in it and you will avoid morning struggle while settling them down.

4. Rainier 2AX Convertible Car Seat

Source: Walmart Canada

(Best choice for extended rear-facing)

This one you can use in two different ways: rear-facing for children up to 50 pounds and front-facing for small kids up to 65 pounds. With five-point seatbelts, it gives full protection to your child while driving, and also comfortable feeling.

5. Ultra Mat Full-Size Seat Protector by Diono

Source: Amazon.com

(Best car accessory)

This seat protector is something different than a regular car seat; it is a specially designed high-density cover from foam which gives full protection and comfort. Usually, it is used by rent a car agency because it offers protection from scratches and stains so that the potential damage can be avoided. There are additional organizer pockets where your child can store some sweets or smaller toys.

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