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5 Architecture Design Trends To Follow In 2019

Maybe you are amongst those people who are either willing to shift to a new property, or want to build their own from ground up, or just have moved into one recently. If you want to make the new place feel like your own, you might be interested in what is in trend or popular. This help you in keeping your new property up with the latest trends in architecture designs.

5 Architecture Design Trends to Follow in 2019

In this article, we will take a look at the 5 of the top Architecture Design trends in 2019 so far. Come along for the ride!

1. Modular furniture

Source: Homedit

With the living space getting more and more compact due to the increasing demand for space of the population. It is more now due to the increasing property rates, the furniture now a days just cannot take up too much of space inside your house. Also, they can’t be replaced easily without a hole in your pocket if you decide to shift them or use the space for something else. Hence the demand for modular furniture that can mold into any tight spaces or that can be used for more than one purposes has risen. This has resulted in more and more people are going with such furniture instead of traditional one-dimensional space eating furniture.

2. Personalized interior

Source: echo-on

One more way you can make a place totally your own is by adding some personalized frames on the walls of your place. Best way to do that is choose some memory filled or inspirational photos and then print on canvas. According to CanvasPoP.com, it is the best way to prolong your wonderful memories while decorating your house.

Printing on canvas is very economical, the canvas lasts for yours to come and with all kinds of canvas shapes, sizes available, there will always be one perfect for your need. The printing technology has come a long way in recent years and the accuracy of the colors with the amount of detail in the printed images is just superb!

3. Accessibility in Design

Source: Technology for the Disabled

Accessibility in design refers to each and every person living in the house has enough both private and public space that is comfortable to live in.

Homes designed for people that are ageing, or when people living in a house have some sort of mental disorders have to be designed carefully considering the needs of such people. These needs can include but not limited to wheelchair access, inclusion of comfort zones and enough infrastructural innovation to make the living in such places for these people easier.

Previously, most of the architecture designers used to neglect such changes and after the design and construction would complete, special arrangements had to be made. The current trend is becoming more biased towards considering these changes in the initial phases of the design itself.

4. Smart Home Technology

Source: Quartz

We are living in the generation of technology. With so many advancements making the technology accessible to almost everyone, how can we expect our homes being left out?

General trend today is a bit leaned towards the inclusion of technology for smart and optimized operations in the house. A great example for the same can be smart lighting air conditioning system which senses the presence of people inside the room. Another example can be smart lights in the hallway that can itself on or off or the smart homes that have appliances that can be turned on or off using the cellphones. These technologies make living in such home easier, more comfortable and puts used in command without having to extra efforts. And such technology is becoming affordable hence the smart home technologies definitely make the list of top trends of Architecture designs in 2019.

5. Greener Homes – using sustainable materials

Source: Fix

The concept of green homes does not refer to painting the interior of exterior with green color, but it means that using as many nature-friendly or ‘green’ materials for the construction of the homes as possible. Such homes are sustainable and also help in reducing the nature’s imbalance.

One such material choice that is trending is Bamboo. It is strong, lightweight, looks classy, and does not produce any harmful materials in its production as side products. Not only it is very eco-friendly, it has tensile strength that is greater than the tensile of steel. While the regular timber takes around 25 years to mature so that it can be used in construction, bamboo is ready to be used in just 3 years! Moreover, structures made by bamboo just look so beautiful, no wonder why it is one of the top trends in Architecture designs today.

So, there you have it, the best trends in Architecture designs in 2019. If you want to stay updated with the current trends and don’t want to be left out or feel like other people are way ahead of you in their architecture design, whether it is interior or exterior of your home, you should keep yourself updated and this article is definitely the one that will help you a lot.

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