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4 Ways to Feel More Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. For most women, however, that’s easier said than done.

If you struggle with self-confidence and want to feel more comfortable just being yourself, check out the following four simple tips that just might change your life for the better.

1. Take a Break from Social Media

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Social media can be extremely harmful to your own self-image. People tend to use their social media platform to portray themselves in the best light. They usually only post pictures that showcase their appearance and figure from the best angles. That’s only natural, but seeing a constant stream of “perfect” bodies and “perfect” lives when you scroll through your social media can be very draining after a while. Logging off and taking a break from using social media for a while can help you self-confidence skyrocket.

If you don’t want to take a break from social media entirely, at least diversify your feeds. Unfollow those “#bodyinspo” accounts and fill your social media feeds with posts from body positivity accounts or accounts that post about your non-appearance-related interests instead.

2. Stop Caring What Other People Think

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Okay, so this is definitely easier said than done. Most people wish they could care less about what other people think of them—especially their appearance—but still spend far too much time and effort focusing on how the people around them might be judging them and how they look. Whenever you’re out and about and thoughts start to pop into your head about all the negative aspersions the people around you might be casting upon you, take a moment to instantly remind yourself that everyone else around you is just as focused on themselves as you are on yourself.

No one has time to care about your appearance because they’re too busy worrying about how they look and what other people might be thinking about them. On the off chance that someone does take the time and effort to make negative, split-second judgements on you based on how you look, then that says far more about them than it does about you. This might sound like common sense, but reminding yourself of these facts when you fear outside judgement can make a big difference in how comfortable and confident you feel about yourself in public.

3. Respect Your Body

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Increasing your self-respect is key to feeling more comfortable in your own skin. Respecting yourself starts with respecting your body. Respecting and honoring your body means different things to different people. Some women respect themselves by treating themselves to new sexy lingerie (check out Hauteflair Lingerie), whether to share with their partner or just enjoy wearing on their own. Others like to enjoy a weekly bubble bath or some other form of pure “me time”.

Some of the best ways to respect your body and help yourself feel more comfortable with it involve making healthy changes to your lifestyle. You feel better when you treat your body better. Drink more water, eat less processed food and more fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, and find a way to get moving that you actually enjoy—see the tip below for some ideas.

4. Take a Dance Class

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This tip might seem a little silly, but taking a dance class really can make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Dancing helps you get to know your body and how it moves better. It helps you get more in touch with the skin you’re in, which can in turn help you increase your comfort level with your own body just the way it is. It doesn’t matter how much dancing skill—or lack thereof—you have.

Try signing up for a beginning adult dance class. A Zumba class at your local gym or fitness center is also an excellent option, as these classes are usually designed for those who have little to no prior experience dancing. Zumba also focuses specifically on cardio, and cardio exercise is another thing that can help you feel more comfortable and confident with your body.  Yoga classes can also help you get more in tune with your body and your movements.

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