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4 Examples of Online Dealership Live Chat Conversations

The verdict is in on the latest car dealership online software. Not only is it now possible to generate an enormous amount of new business by developing leads online, but the complete end-to-end dealership experience is proving enormously successful.

The two most important things that make a dealership website work are:

  • Dealership marketing solutions software
  • An ability to bring your sales skills to the online forum

Achieving the first of these takes one simple step for a dealership manager: get in contact with a company that can provide you with the most successful online software for dealerships – and the first thing you need to do to accomplish that step is to click here for more information about how to implement advanced marketing strategies for dealership websites.

When it comes to bringing your automotive sales skills online,the key is to think about how the online platform changes what you have available to bring to a customer. If you’ve already invested in the latest in online dealership solutions, then you’ll have a number of advantages already at your disposal, but the most essential of these is online chat software.

Here are four examples of the kinds of conversations that occur in dealership online chat that will help you to increase sales at your dealership:

1. Online Greetings

Source: HelpSquad

There’s nothing more important than a first impression. Without a live chat service on your website, you won’t get the opportunity to greet a customer in the same way as you can at your dealership. It might seem a simple gesture, but it goes a long way towards making a customer feel confidence in your business.

2. Questions about Inventory

Source: Dealer Inspire

Most websites offer the experience of giving customers a chance to look through photos and information about inventory. An online chat service will take these offerings a step further by allowing you to respond to your customers about what they’ve seen.

3. Personalized Offers

Source: click4assistance.co.uk

Your sales team can join in online chat conversations to bring personalized offers to customers that are based on their browsing habits. On the showroom floor, you can watch a customer perusing vehicles and then prepare a special offer suited to their preferences. With customer browsing analytics in combination with a live chat service, your sales team can do the same thing online.

4. Financing

Source: 9 Clouds

With the ability to offer financing online, you’ll provide new customers with increased loyalty to your dealership. When new customers have already invested the time to start the sale process, they’re more likely to see it to completion. Any questions about financing can lead to a useful conversation about your online financing options. The first step is to have the customer fill out your online financing forms in order to get pre-approved.

The key to understanding how to bring your in-house sales strategies online is to respect the differences that the online platform offers. Implementing the latest online dealership services is the key to bridging this gap. Contact a dealership website solutions provider today to learn more.

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