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3 Tips for First Time Dog Owners

Being a new pet owner is similar to being a new parent. You have to figure out the needs of a being that cannot easily communicate them with you. There’s many things you have to think about such as making sure they are warm, well – fed and even getting them into a routine. Don’t be put off by the responsibility comes with owning a pet because the amount of love and warmth that you open yourself to when adopting a dog outweighs everything.

Here are three tips for new dog owners to help you along the journey.

Use positive reinforcement

Source: Companion Animal Psychology

It can be tough to say no to an adorable furry being, but you need to set boundaries from the beginning. You don’t want your pet to be running wild, doing their own thing. Untrained dogs can be a hassle when you have guests over. Train your dog from day 1 using positive reinforcement – teaching them to associate treats and rewards with desirable behaviours.

New technology has made it easier to train young dogs. You can check out Educatorcollars.com, and find a lot of educators which are controlled remotely and that can be placed around your dog’s neck to train them from a distance. The collars use electronic pulses and stimulation to produce sensory vibrations in your dog’s body. When you need to teach your dog not to do something, you use the hand – held transmitter to produce an annoying sensation – it’s a subtle sensation and isn’t anything aggressive. Your dog will associate that behaviour with a negative sensation, therefore are less likely to repeat it.

Do dietary research

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Every year, hundreds of trips are made to the vet because pet owners unintentionally feed their pets something that is toxic to them. Some of the food you like to eat, chocolate for example, are actually very toxic to your dog. A basic list of these includes:

  • Dairy Products
  • Onions
  • Grapes
  • Anything with Xylitol
  • Raw protein

Doggy-proofing your home is the best way to prevent accidents. Dogs are curious by nature and like climbing and chewing anything they can find. Keep toxic ingredients out of your dog’s reach by placing them in higher cupboards. However, even with all these precautions, if your dog does manage to eat something they shouldn’t, take them to the nearest vet immediately.

Cover any legalities

Source: PetBacker

In many countries, it is mandatory by law to have your pets microchipped. Have your dog microchipped so they can be traced back to you. Microchipped dogs can easily be reunited with their owners if they get lost or wander astray.

Consider having your dog neutered. It improves your dog’s health by minimising the risk of certain cancers and infections. Also, you can avoid the unexpected pregnancies.

Doggie insurance can also take care of unforeseen expenses. Look for a coverage plan that covers routine vaccinations and veterinary visits.

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