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3 Main Types of Custom Motorcycle Ear Plugs

Motorcycles can be quite loud and that’s why you need protection. Because, after years of riding, there is a possibility that your hearing gets slightly damaged. You want to prevent that, but not all ear plugs will fit you nicely. That is why you should have them custom-made! But which ones to go with? Here are three popular types.

Full stop or Full block custom motorcycle ear plugs

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Custom motorcycle ear plugs are made from a special medical grade silicone that blocks out as much of the nasty wind noise frequencies as you can. The silicone is blended in such a way that it kind of does what you might understand like a bose noise canceling headset. The wind frequencies are targeted, and 4,000 to 6,000 Hz are just a bit less as this is where we hear voices. This allows the max reduction in the wind noise and the lightest reduction where we hear to communicate. They come in any color choices you can think of and can match any sports team or company color you have. The design for this unique motorcycle earplug is designed with your tight motorcycle helmet in mind. You can pull this on and off with ease all the while keeping your earplugs in place.

Motorcycle filtered earplugs

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A custom filtered motorcycle earplug will allow you to hear all the sounds around you all the while protecting your hearing from the damaging sounds from the wind and road noise. The best custom Motorcycle filtered earplugs will have a dual filter system that will allow you to adjust the amount of sound that you would like to reduce. The choices range from a 9dB. 15dB, 20dB, 25dB cut. It should also have a non-linear filter that can be blocked off only to use the main filter in extream wind cases. They can come in all colors or swirls that you can think of. We can even match the color scheme of your motorcycle. If you use a filtered earplug under your motorcycle helmet with a communication system it, the wind will be reduced all the while being to hear the speakers as they are next to your ears and the wind noise will be reduced as well.

Custom motorcycle ear plugs with stereo built-in

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For the ultimate ride whether you listing to your tunes or communications, it is hard to bet this. It is a full stop ear plug, so your hearing is fully protected against the harmful effects of the wind and road noise, and you can hear the sound coming down the sound bore directly into your ear canal. Because your ear canal is sealed, it acts as a bass cabinet and allows for a reduced volume input with vibrant tones to offset the sound of the wind noise. You can block out the wind and just bring up the sound to offset the sound of the wind and make it disappear. When you’re done with your ride, your hearing will be fully intact with no further hearing damage. This will bring your motorcycle riding experience to the next level. Whatever you decide to go with know that protecting your hearing is a decision that you have to make every time, and that single choice will mean the difference of keeping your hearing or losing it.

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