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27 Things That Don’t Define Your Self-Worth

Chaotic and ever-changing as life is, it’s no wonder that we look to external factors to define who we are and how we’re doing. It’s easy to lose sight of how our success in life shows up in intangible stuff, like the way we treat people, how we handle tough stuff, and how much love we put into the world.

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Here are some things that never define your self-worth and if they all changed tomorrow, you would still be you:

  1. Your relationship status
  2. Your waist-to-hip ratio
  3. Split ends
  4. How expensive your dress/purse/phone is
  5. Whether you made it to the gym today
  6. Where you were born or grew up
  7. Your job
  8. Whether you have a college degree.
  9. Eating a cookie instead of a salad
  10. Your resume
  11. Rejection
  12. How many dishes are currently sitting in your sink
  13. Whether you overslept today
  14. Your parents’ opinions of you
  15. Not knowing what you want to do with your life yet, even if you’re halfway through it already
  16. An STI
  17. How much debt you have
  18. Whether you choose to marry or to have kids
  19. How many people you’ve slept with
  20. Whether you eat organic
  21. An illness
  22. Not feeling happy 24/7
  23. Who you love
  24. Not making it out of the house today
  25. Your taste in music
  26. Knowing nothing about fancy wine
  27. Not being invited to the party/wedding/book club where everyone else is going
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