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21 Two-Colored Hairdos Perfect for Daring Women

Are you looking to change your hair into something exciting, a hairstyle you have never had before? Then this fabulous two-colored hair might be excellent for you! We have composed a list of 21 most daring hair color combinations that are incredibly trendy right now, so you can check them out and find your next perfect hairdo.

1. Pink Ends

Source: Pinterest

If you are not ready to dye your whole hair or you want a hairstyle that is easy to maintain, we recommend you to keep the top shade your natural color, and dye just the ends of your hair a crazy and fun color like pink.

2. Blonde And Bright Blue

Source: The Right Hairstyles

If you have blonde hair that you want to make more fun but not too dramatic, you can add highlights in a bright blue shade that will make your locks more vibrant.

3. Deep Blue And Blonde

Source: YouTube

This classic two-colored hair look is trendy at the moment with young celebrities who love dramatic contrast.

4. Orange And Black

Source: HairStyles for Women

This edgy look is not for everyone, but it sure is eye-catching. To get this look, dye the roots orange down to your ears, and the rest of the hair a darker natural shade.

5. Blue Tips

Source: HairStylezz

This whimsical blue and purple color combination brings you the pastel unicorn aesthetic everyone is obsessed with.

6. A Slice Of Pink

Source: Bustle

If you want to dip your toes into this edgy trend, you should try dying lower locks from the roots to a vibrant shade, like this hot pink.

7. Pink And Purple

Source: pinterest

You will not go wrong with this stunning combination of pink and purple.

8. Green And Pink

Source: Pinterest

This beautiful sea green goes surprisingly well with a lighter pink shade and reminds us of mermaids.

9. Dark Roots

Source: Allure

This dark root trend is excellent for framing your face and adding more dimensions to your locks. Pair it up with a bright color for a dramatic effect.

10. Blue Peekaboo Highlights

Source: Picdeer

Peekaboo highlights will look gorgeous on anyone with short hair. If you want to achieve this frosty look, electric blue and a light silver shade will do the trick.

11. Pink Hues

Source: Refinery29

If you want to make your hair appear more voluminous, dye it with a combination of different shades of pink, but make sure to choose the ones that go well with your skin tone.

12. Red And Orange

Source: Pretty Designs

Red and orange can make a perfect gradient without making too much contrast.

13. Brown And Auburn

Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

If you have naturally dark hair and want to grow out your roots, this brown and auburn mix will make your hair more vibrant while still being easy to maintain.

14. Grey And Pink

Source: Nikki Bella Hair

This wonderful grey and pink mix is feminine and edgy at the same time. If you are looking for a pixie vide, we have found you an excellent match.

15. Brown And Purple

Source: Pinterest

This beautiful purple, combined with your natural brown roots, will make you look delicate yet fearless. This beautiful two-colored hair looks great on anyone.

16. Forest Green

Source: Pinterest

If your hair is black and you want to add a pop of color, this forest green dark to light gradient will look amazing on you.

17. Bubblegum Pink

Source: Hairstyle Guru

The bubblegum pink colored hair will undoubtedly turn some heads. If you are a fan of pink, you will love this fun bubblegum shade.

18. Candy Two-Tone

Source: BET.com

This pastel blue color along with the candy pink shade is perfect for an ombre look. This elegant combination will give out a fun vibe and looks even more beautiful when the hair is curled.

19. Blonde Waves

Source: Vick Vanlian

If you have dark hair and want to make it look more noticeable, add some blonde to your ends. This two-toned hairstyle will give your locks more dimension as well as a beachy look which is great for summer.

20. Denim Tones

Source: Good Housekeeping

This grunge styled hairdo is very versatile. If you are looking to change up your hair color and make it look like navy denim, this combination will definitely interest you. Any skin tone and eye color will look incredible with this purple-toned mix.

21. Brown And Blonde

Source: The Right Hairstyles

If you are not a fan of pastel or bright colors and want something simple and classic, this blonde ombre will be a perfect way to spice up your hair. Add blonde highlights to your luscious locks to make them more voluminous.

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