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21 Simple Hairstyles for Little Girls Attending a Wedding

Even though not many children will get to play a role in a wedding or feel left out from the tradition, that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t want to look just as perfect as everyone else attending this kind of event. The wedding season has already started, and if you lack ideas for hairstyles for your children, we are here to help. Read on to discover 21 simple wedding hairstyles for little girls.

1. Purple Rainbow

Source: Haircuts & Hairstyles 2019

Whether you use a colored spray for hair that washes out or hair extensions in different colors, this fun look can make girls appear a bit edgy and playful. You can also embellish this hairstyle with a big ribbon.

2. Tousled Waves

Source: Hottesthaircuts

If your daughter has long hair that is wavy, that simplest hairstyle for her would be styling those waves to make them tousled and parting the hair in the middle.

3. Frizzy Band

Source: cdn2

If your little girl has afro hair, you can easily style it with a decorative hair band. This can help pull back the hair neatly and make it look elegant.

4. Delicate Spiral Curls

Source: Hottesthaircuts

These delicate spiral curls can make little girls look even more classy and sophisticated. This easy style looks best when parted on one side with a spiral twist that is pinned on top of the head. This hairstyle is a perfect fit for little girls who are bridesmaids.

5. Side Chignon

Source: Pinterest

You can style long curls in the way that you pull them up on one side for an asymmetric and elegant look. You can make a minimalistic side chignon that is regular, or you can adorn it with flowers for a special decorated effect.

6. Braided Bun

Source: My New Hairstyles

If the little girl whose hair you are styling has a beautiful thick and long hair, you can make this vintage braided bun, and it will be well suited for a classic yet stylish look.

7. Messy Ponytail

Source: Pinterest

If the wedding your daughter is attending is beach-themed, this easy-going ponytail with thin braids will be a perfect match.

8. The Side High Bun

Source: Pinterest

This graceful bun is really easy to style, and it can be worn with or without a decorative hairclip depending on whether you want to enhance it or keep it simple.

9. Simple straight hairdo

Source: thatslife

This simple hairdo is styled half up half down, and it will look beautiful on anyone, especially if you add flowers for a fairly-like look.

10. Headband Curls

Source: Naturally Curly

Curly hair can be pinned up unevenly in a bun on top of the head for a casually elegant and effortless look. Small bangs should be left loose on the sides, and you can add a headband for a sophisticated style that resembles Cinderella.

11. Curly Bob

Source: Latest-Hairstyles

This beautiful hairstyle is not only neat but also easy to do. The classic bob made with curly hair has a side-part with a pin on one side for a poised look.

12. Sleek Banged Bun

Source: jetss

If you are good at making buns, this hairdo will be one of the easiest for you to make. A side part and bangs falling on one side of the face will make this basic style look incredibly chic.

13. Subtly Messy

Source: weheartit

This subtly mess hairstyle will look gorgeous on your little girl. The hairstyle has a slight texture that is wavy and looks blow dried. This is one of those styles that will look even more perfect the messier it gets.

14. Straight Long Bob

Source: YouTube

This fashionable long bob will be an excellent choice for girls with naturally straight hair because it is the easiest hairstyle to do, yet so smart.

15. Short Ponytail

Source: Beautiful Free Images & Pictures

If your little one has short hair, this simple ponytail can be adorable and easy to wear. It can be decorated with a beautiful hair band of stylish pins.

16. Puffy Top Bob

Source: vplate

This puffy top bob will look exciting and unique on any little girl.

17. Tousled Layers

Source: Short-Haircut

This bob is made with a texture that is made tousled which enhances the shiny locks of hair and gives your little girl an effortless yet classy messy look.

18. Loose Curls

Source: sde.co.ke

This playful hairdo is well suited for those with naturally curly hair. It is simple, yet trendy.

19. Bob with a Hat

Source: oobi

If you don’t want to worry about your daughter messing up her hair throughout the day, you can always put a stylish hat on any hairstyle. This time it is a fun bob with a fringe and a cute round hat.

20. Twin Pigtails

Source: jehathair

Pigtails are one of the best ways to keep the hair neat and smart. You should do your little one’s hair in this sophisticated hairstyle if you want to avoid fixing it repeatedly.

21. Top Ponytail

Source: Minister of Style

You can never go wrong with a top ponytail, as it looks exceptionally cool and it is easy to wear.

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