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21 Geometric Interior Design Pieces for a Modern Home

If you are in the process of renovating your home and are on a look-out for a piece of something unique to make your place shine a bit more, here is a list of 21 geometric interior design pieces. Sometimes decorating can be a drag, but if you have somewhere to look for ideas, it can be inspiring. Designers love original décor pieces, and geometry is the new hot thing everyone is using.

1. Geometric pillowcase

Source: Rosegal

This one is simple yet so effective, not a whole lot of trouble for a decorative piece to bring some freshness to your home. Just put these pillowcases and transform the couch into a place where you can enjoy spending time. With lovely vibrant colors and different patterns, they will warm your heart.

2. 3D Geometric himmeli centerpiece & hanging ornament

Simple but effective, it will transform any place you put it. Made of metal, and with a finish like rose gold or chrome gold, it fits any color of the furniture in your home. This 17-sided geometric shape is excellent for table decoration when you invite friends over.

3. Modern hanging planter pots

Source: Amazon.com

Such a nice decorative piece, and if you like flowers and plants, this is perfect for you. Ceramic pots are great for smaller flowers and easy to mount on the walls. Very nicely put together this mount and pots are a beautiful choice for your home.

4. Modern simple geometric style pillow covers

Source: Rank Booster

Soft and gorgeous pillow covers, with 17 different designs and many colors to choose from they will transform your sitting or sleeping place. A vast variety of patterns will work great with any furniture color you have.

5. A trio of decorative mirrors

Source: Umbra

Perfect for every home or apartment, mirrors will surely catch an eye of any visitors, and particularly these mirrors. Diamond-shaped hanging of thin copper chain as if they are floating on your wall, group them, or scatter them any way they will attract attention.

6. Geometric glass coffee tables

Source: Zin Home

Stylish, thin geometric design, solid metal frame it is a perfect coffee table for any living room. Glass, wooden, or marble top anything you decide will work great. And it comes in pair a larger, and a smaller one to fit your every need.

7. Wooden wall art décor

Source: Etsy

Made from birch plywood this Hindu wooden wall art is great for adding a spiritual and mystical note to your home. It will surely catch your eye and bring some positive energy in your living space.

8. Geometric table vases

Source: Lights For All Occasions

Just like modern hanging planter pots, we talked about earlier these vases have a similar design with white ceramic vase and brass wire frame holding them, perfect decoration for a table when you have a friendly gathering or a family dinner. On the other hand, place them anywhere you need to add a stylish touch in your home.

9. 3 gold geometric flameless candles

Source: Wrinkled

A touch of romance in your life, but without fear of setting your place accidentally on fire, these candles are perfect. They come in a set of three wax brushed candles but with LEDs instead of traditional ones. Golden colored, a great design they will work great on a nightstand or somewhere to add ambient lighting.

10. Geometric ceramic vase

Source: The Den & Now

Great gift for you or someone else, vases will bring some freshness and warmth to a home. If you have a garden, then you need a place for fresh flowers, and with this design, it will fit any home perfectly.

11. Black glass geometric terrarium

Source: craftytechniques.com

Elegant and modern tabletop or window sill piece of decoration for any home. Black, silver or gold colored frame with fern moss air plants and miniature sculptures is a magical sight for eyes to look at. It comes in several different shapes so you can choose what suits your needs.

12. Geometric cushion cover

Source: Notonthehighstreet.com

A vast variety of colors and shapes another great geometric cushion cover designs for your home. It is 100% cotton, so it is quality made, thick and durable. Lovely designed geometrical shapes will bring some uniqueness to your home.

13. Modern geometric triangle pattern rug

Source: Amazon.com

Triangle pattern of this rug is such a great timeless design for your home. Stain and fade resistant for durability and ease of cleaning, and great Scandinavian style is a classic look with a twist of different color schemes and many sizes for your home.

14. Wall sculpture art

Source: Touch of Class

If you are looking for something out of ordinary, unique and uncommon, then if you have a place for it, try to fit this geometrical metal rhino head. It is mounted on the wall, lightweight and will add a modern and stylish look to your living space.

15. Carved angle sitting cat

Source: Amazon.com

Great present and a timeless piece of décor. A geometrical shaped sitting cat will blend perfectly in any corner of your home. It comes in two colors black and white and will add an artistic feel to a surrounding place

16. Geometric lion sculpture

Source: Amazon.com

Made from resin, hand painted, and hand carved this lion sculpture has a craftsman soul. It will transform a tabletop or a shelf from dull to eye-catching. Not too big and not too small; it is perfect for any home.

17. Geometric abstract panther statue

Source: Pinterest

Another great statue, a panther to represent strength and energy in your home, black and white hand-carved a unique piece for any room. Its geometrical shape will stun anyone who comes to visit.

18. Modern geometric design monkey with banana

Source: The Block Shop

An art piece with a statement, a modern geometric monkey with a banana, is there anything more you need. If you want to make a bold statement and a unique look to your home than this piece will surely suit your needs, it is tall and black so it can sit as a solo piece.

19. Geometric decor mirror

Source: Amazon.com

Octagonal mirror hanging from a wall on cotton knotted rope; it is a beautiful wall art like a piece of interior design. Lightweight and handcrafted that brings a soul to this object, and brushed sides of mirror secure its use. Minimalistic design that is perfect for any wall.

20. Wall shelves

Source: The Container Store

Wooden wall bookshelf in a diamond, circle or heart shaped rack, a clean and minimal look, yet perfect for smaller spaces. Simple and durable, but also a useful and artistic piece for your kitchen, bathroom, or any room that needs a little creative touch.

21. Geometric design world map

Source: Notonthehighstreet.com

If you like to travel and see the world or know a person who does, then this is an excellent present as well as a stunning piece of décor. A geometrical world map made from high-quality vinyl PVC perfect for any wall, and an art piece that speaks for itself.

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