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21 Chic Hairstyles for Ladies Over 60

Women over 60 may feel as if their time of rocking a trendy hairstyle has passed. As we get older, our hair starts to change in thickness, texture, and even shine.  If you think that these hairstyles can never suit you well, you are wrong. If Hellen Mirren can do it, so can you! We have selected 21 chic hairstyles that any lady over 60 will look beautiful with.

1. The Silver Fox Bob

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

We love a lady who confidently shows off her naturally white hair.  Add layers to this stunning bob to make it look more textured.

2. Feathered Bangs With Layers

Source: tv.bt

This hairdo is excellent for you if you want to make your thin hair appear more voluminous. Frame your face with bangs and cut the hair in a layered style to achieve this look.

3. Wavy Ends

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Make your hair look lavish by making your hair wavy at the ends for a fun, bouncy look. This beautiful hairstyle will add thickness to your hair.

4. Layered Curls

Source: Jobleh

If your hair is naturally curly, you should cut it in layers for a wonderful messy look. You can enhance your curls by putting a cream on them that helps define the curls to get the lushest look out of them.

5. Wavy Hair With Blunt Ends

Source: Byrdie

Make a wavy hairstyle is you are searching for an ultra-voluminous look. Your features will appear softer with these gorgeous waves.

6. The Side-Swept Bob

Source: Bravo TV

Make your bob even more stylish with the bangs swept to one side. You will look elegant and trendy with this cute short hairstyle.

7. Retro Waves

Source: yskgjt.com

We believe that this classic look will never go out of style. Curl the lower part of your hair in large and loose waves if you want your face to look slimmer.

8. The Classic Bob

Source: Delfi

This is one of the most sophisticated short hairstyles. This classic bob will look effortlessly beautiful on anyone.

9. Curly Ends

Source: eicee.org

If your hair is very short and you want to make it less flat, these curls will definitely add a lot more volume to it. You can achieve this trendy look by curling your hair with velcro rollers.

10. The Swept-Up Bob

Source: BBC America

This stunning swept-up bob will make your face appear more slender. Apply some gel to your hair and brush your bangs upwards for a windy look. You should also add hairspray if you need your hair to look intact for a whole day.

11. The Meryl Streep Do

Source: actorz

Meryl Streep adds a lot of chic to a middle-parted long bob by flicking out the ends, which makes it look elegant as well as lavish.

12. The Classic Judi

Source: wallpaper4rest

Judi Dench never stops looking fashionable with her short pixie. This hairstyle is easy and fun with messy spikes at the top of the head. If your hair is short like Judi’s, you should not be too shy to try out this chic hairdo.

13. Big Curls

Source: Prevention

Get these beautiful big curls by styling your hair with some mousse after you have curled it with velcro rollers overnight. For a more intense effect, try putting the rollers on slightly damp hair.

14. The Messy Pixie

Messy hair is incredibly popular this season, and so is this easily achievable messy pixie cut. You can get it by running your fingers through the hair after you have applied hairspray through it.

15. Long Bangs Bob

Source: Pinterest

If you want to make your face look slimmer, sweep your long bangs to the side to make this classic bob more interesting.

16. Half Updo (slika 23)

Source: IMDb

This sophisticated hairstyle is easy to maintain while still looking gorgeous. If you feel your hair is too thin for this style, try adding a bouffant to make it appear more voluminous.

17. Beehive

Source: W Magazine

This updo is simple yet elegant and can look perfect on any lady over 60 with long hair.

18. Highlights

Source: Celebzz

If you are skeptical about dying your whole hair, highlights will make it more fresh-looking and will damage your hair less.

19. Volume Bob

Source: Zimbio

You can backcomb your hair at the roots in order to achieve an extremely voluminous look for your bob.

20. Half Clip Up (slika 30)

Source: Yahoo

If you want to add some height to your hair, try this classy casual hairstyle by making a loose half ponytail.

21. The Meg Look

Source: FarmWeek

Part your short messy waves unevenly for this classic Meg Ryan look if you want a hairstyle that is low maintenance.

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