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21 awesome ideas for kitchen counter

A kitchen is a place in your home where you go to relax and enjoy cooking, after a long day a nice meal to replenish your energy. It is a center of every home, the first thing people see when they come, so it needs to look representable. Heart of all kitchens is a countertop. We made a list of 21 awesome ideas for kitchen counters, if you are looking to upgrade, or are in the process of making your dream kitchen.

1. Summer sea vibes

Source: architecturelab.net

Blue flower design tiles, with a wooden countertop, fresh spices everywhere, you have to have lemonade, and of course, a bowl filled with fresh citrus fruits. Few artistic details to add to the whole summer vibe, and that is the place were excellent seafood meals are prepared.

2. Metallic and minimal

Source: architecturelab.net

Stainless steel sink in the middle, kitchen elements are surrounding it, with that minimal and clean look. The white, black and grey color pallet, and to break that sterile appearance bring in some wood, a wooden cutting board, a few details here and there and fresh blooming twigs.

3. Royal classic look

Source: architecturelab.net

If you have a countertop from an old house that has been refurbished, pair that to snow-white kitchen elements and marble walls, and you have yourself a royal kitchen. Blue stove to add contrast to the kitchen, fresh flowers and fruits, and you are ready for a Royal dinner.

4. Nature

Source: architecturelab.net

The wooden countertop is probably the most beautiful piece in the whole kitchen and roughly cut, with a stone sink, flowerpots with fresh herbs and a chandelier made out of vines. All that packed in a room with walls made from stone, an excellent idea for a natural feeling kitchen.

5. Bring in some color

Source: architecturelab.net

If you have a traditional kitchen, with beautiful white walls, and wooden floors a countertop from wood that feels a bit dull now, try adding color. Paint countertop in a bold color, pink is a great statement, some art here and there, plants, and you have changed the kitchen from dull to a chick.

6. Honeycomb

Source: thehavenlist.com

Honeycomb tiles are something else; they always draw your attention first. Double that with clean white kitchen elements and blue-gray cabinets and on top a white marble countertop. Bronze or gold details go great with this type of kitchen.

7. Copper and mint green

Source: ideas.kohler.co

Such a great choice when it comes to a color pallet, copper and mint green. Copper pipe construction with mint green shelves gives that steampunk vibe, on a white wall next to a window with a black faucet, mint green cabinets and a dark-colored countertop that adds contrast, such an excellent combination for a kitchen. Copper details on cabinets, dishes, glasses, plants, and copper cattle to keep the theme going.

8. Wood is the key

Source: Pinterest

The great idea is to make a kitchen stand out and be pleasant for eyes is to have wood. Countertop out of wood and wooden planks on the side stacked together. A simple and effective idea for a smaller kitchen, and with a clean white wall is a winner combination.

9. High Contrast

Source: pinterest.com

Dark blue elements with white walls and a countertop out of white marble. Wooden floors, metallic stove, and fridge, wooden chairs and shelves, a remarkable blend of elements and colors. Add some exciting chandelier or hanging lamps, fresh flowers, and you have a cozy kitchen to spend time.

10. Gray Tones

Source: pulinet-service.co

If you are in doubt what color to use for a kitchen, a gray is a great option. It goes well with white and black, and wooden accents. Marble white counter top, black kitchen elements with gray chairs and walls, it is a great combo, and above the stove, you can put tiles with small patterns on them. Lighter color wood works great with these colors.

11. White with bare wood

Source: kindi.me

White kitchen, elements, and cabinets with dark details, and open darker wood countertops. The wooden floor looks great with a silver kitchen appliance. Also, there is a ceiling fan when the cooking gets extra hot.

12. Long farmhouse countertop

Source: kindi.me

Made from concrete or marble, a long countertop is excellent for spacious kitchens. It has that farmhouse feel. It is gray and when you pair that with wood and white walls, you have a great kitchen. Complete with a shelf beneath for dishes and glasses.

13. Country-fresh

Source: architecturelab.net

Small and cozy kitchen, white walls, marble countertop, white cabinets, and huge windows for a serenity feeling when you are making yourself a snack. Wooden details, pots, and pans, and yellow furniture to add a little spin to the whole room.

14. Black and gold

Source: satriabajahitam.com

Classic color combination for that rich and lush feeling. Black cabinets with gold details and a white countertop to give that high contrast. Dark wooden floor, and some green to add freshness.

15. Egyptian touch

Source: Clicktoaction

Blue tiles in every shade dark and light, covering the entire wall and white marble with gold and bronze details housing for an extractor fan. White marble countertop mixed with dark wood, gold, and bronze touch here and there.

16. Glass countertop

Source: wpmassachusetts.com

If you want to go over the top, go with glass. A glass countertop is a great look, on a metal stand with shelves for dishes, and with marble bowls no doubt a unique look. Tall cabinets for the rest of the plates and glasses in dark wood as the floor, and white walls to give the place a well-balanced look.

17. All white

Source: trendlervemoda.com

You cannot go wrong with white; it is such a tender and serene look for a kitchen — all white furniture, walls, cabinets, and counter top. Silver stove and bronze chandeliers to add some interesting contrast along with a dark floor.

18. Rough edge wooden counter top

Source: iusg.me

A whole piece of wood with the rough edge across all work surfaces, just a hole for a sink. Asymmetrical design on white cabinets with a lush dark wood countertop, such a great combo.

19. Polished wood and marble

Source: Griya Home

It gives off a Japanese sense of style, with white marble countertop and dark wooden elements and cabinets, with some purple colors vegetables, and chandeliers that look like traditional Japanese lanterns feels like a cherry blossom. Dark wood is popular in today interior design, and this kitchen looks beautiful.

20. Brick wall

Source: Pinterest

Casual and somewhat industrial design if you leave a brick wall, and do not paint it over, but keep tiles over the sink for easy cleaning. Dark shelves, elements, and cabinets but a pure white sink for stunning contrast, and top it all with a wooden countertop for a homey feel.

21. Interesting tile design

Source: architecturelab.net

All white kitchen elements and countertop, a wooden floor and silver stove that is nothing new, but pair that with some interesting tiles and suddenly it is a different story. Beautiful marble tiles gray and white shaped like arrows is not something you see in the everyday kitchen. Silver appliances and the overall look is nice and clean.

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