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20 Things You’re Never Too Old For

I know, The Frisky has spent a little bit of time listing what you should quit doing before turning a certain age and such behavior becomes kind of, well, inappropriate. Certainly some of these things are relative—many of you insist you will call your father “Daddy” forever, and your persistence has won my admiration. However, there are some things I think we can all agree are eternally a-OK, no matter what your age. Check out 20 things you are never too old for, after the jump …

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  1. Eating peanut butter with a spoon.
  2. Re-reading Judy Blume books.
  3. Eating breakfast for dinner.
  4. Calling mom for advice.
  5. Letting mom and dad pay for dinner.
  6. Occasionally pouting.
  7. Wearing sparkly eyeshadow, animal prints, platform boots, and slutty lingerie—although not all at once, please.
  8. One-night stands.
  9. Fooling around in a twin-sized bed at your parents’ house.
  10. Lying to your mom about how late you got in last night.
  11. Sexiling your roommate.
  12. Slipping your number to a hot waiter.
  13. Tequila shots.
  14. Squealing over puppies and kittens.
  15. Re-runs of “Beverly Hills, 90210” on SoapNet.
  16. Considering Justin Timberlake a “handsome young man.”
  17. Singing show tunes in the shower.
  18. Having huge, embarrassing crushes that render you speechless.
  19. Going positively apes**t when seeing your favorite band live.
  20. Spending a whole day in bed just because.

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