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20 Things To Stop Feeling Guilty About

We women are so hard on ourselves, aren’t we? From stressing over whether we inadvertently said something that might have offended someone at the dinner party we went to last weekend, to worrying about gaining a few pounds over vacation, we find way too many things to feel guilty about. So how about a permission slip to let go of some of that guilt, huh? After the jump, 20 things you can immediately (right now!) stop feeling guilty about.

Source: Psychologies

  1. Eating meat.
  2. Taking your birthday off.
  3. Letting your mom’s call go to voicemail when you were too tired to talk.
  4. Spending a weekend away from the kids.
  5. Wearing your jeans three (or four) days in a row without washing them.
  6. Telling your friends you have plans tonight and then going home, turning off your phone and watching three DVR-ed episodes of “Millionaire Matchmaker.”
  7. Lying about your weight.
  8. Your abortion.
  9. Making some mistakes in love when you were younger.
  10. Taking a cab instead of walking the 15 blocks.
  11. Letting the one who got away get away.
  12. Having more money/success/better opportunities than your friends (especially if you worked hard for it!).
  13. Being naturally thin when you sister struggles with her weight.
  14. Calling in sick on a beautiful Friday.
  15. Blowing your weekly grocery money on a massage (as long as you have a little peanut butter and bread in the kitchen, you’ll be fine).
  16. Sending birthday cards a few days late.
  17. Sending a dish back you aren’t satisfied with.
  18. Skipping yesterday’s workout.
  19. Sleeping with him on the first date.
  20. Posting a hot picture of yourself on Facebook and secretly hoping your ex sees it.

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