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20 Amazing Short Haircuts with Bangs for 2019

If you like bangs and want to look classy, read this text and discover 20 amazing short hairstyles with bangs.

1. Wavy Side Bangs

Source: elle.com

This haircut makes you look terrific, and not only that, it is perfect for the hot weather.

2. Long Bangs

Source: YouTube

For pointing out your cheekbones and eyes, try cutting your hair short but leave long side bangs.

3. The One Swoop Fringe

Source: Headcurve

The best solution for women with curly hair is not to straighten their bangs. This One Swoop Fringe will perfectly draw the attention to their eyes.

4. Sleek Side Bangs

Source: YouTube

An amazing haircut for round and heart-shaped faces is a short bob with stylish side bangs.

5. Blonde Bangs

Source: rd.com

The Blonde Pixie gives women with round faces a magical look!

6. Deep Wave Bangs

Source: stylecraze.com

If you want to accentuate your eyes and basically to draw the attention to your face, try deep wave bangs, they are incredible!

7. Short Tapered Bangs

Source: harpersbazaar.com

This is the ideal haircut for women with round faces who want to put the focus on their eyes and their jawline.

8. Front Bangs with Wavy Ends

Source: Pinterest

For defining cheekbones and putting the focus on the eyes, you should try cutting the bangs with wavy ends. It looks amazing!

9. Messy – Side Bangs

Source: Messy

Look fabulous with unkempt side bangs. It is perfect for heart-shaped as well as round and squared faces.

10. A Textured Bob

Source: elle.com

This is Victoria Beckham’s famous hairstyle which perfectly shapes round faces.

11. Deep Side Swept Bangs

Source: cosmopolitan.com

Combine a short bob with a deep side swept bangs and it will make your diamond-shaped face look incredible.

12. The Diamond Lob

Source: Bustle

The Diamond Lob is the perfect hairstyle if you want to hide your broad jawline and make your face look more oval.

13. Layered Bangs

Source: Marie Claire

Layered bang at the front part of an oval face will make it look amazing.

14. One Side Bangs

Source: Wigsbuy.com

This is the perfect haircut for an oval face, and as a matter of fact, it is pretty easy to do it – you only need to shave one side of your hair and brush the rest of your hair on the other side.

15. Front bangs

Source: The Cuddl

This is an incredible hairstyle which puts the focus on the eyes and is always fashionable.

16. Feathered Bangs

Source: Fashion Best

Feathered bangs are a fantastic haircut which fits all face shapes.

17. Deep Side Swept Bangs

Source: Fashion Best

This hairstyle will suit anyone who wants to hide the length of their forehead.

18.Thick Straight Bangs

Source: Pinterest

This haircut usually covers the eyebrows, so it is perfect for everyone who wants to put the eyes in the center of attention.

19. Wavy Lob

Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

This is one elegant hairstyle which perfectly fits women with heart-shaped faces!

20. The Vintage Look

Source: stylecraze.com

The vintage hairstyles are absolutely amazing! Bangs at the top and curled ends of the hair is a look that everyone will adore.

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