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19 Facts You Didn’t Know About Jilly Anais

Jilly Anais is one of the rising stars on the social media platforms, and she has gained millions of followers across the internet. Not only is Jilly a model and an actress, but she is a singer as well. Her social media presence has not been unnoticed, and may people are curious to know more about this gorgeous influencer. Here are 19 you probably didn’t know about Jilly Anais.

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  1. Her full name is  Jillyann Anais Moor.
  2. Jilly’s birthday is on January 2, 1996.
  3. Although Jilly was raised in Houston, Texas, she moved to Los Angeles in 2014.
  4. She is of French, Dutch and Creole descent.
  5. Jilly Anais is in a relationship with Dejounte Murray who is an NBA player. Dejounte even missed the NBA All-Star Weekend in order to spend more time with her on a vacation in Hawaii.
  6. Jilly is best friends with Youtuber Corie Rayvon, who often appears in her videos.
  7. Jilly Anais is 5’6’’ tall (168 cm). Her eyes are green and her hair is blonde. Her measurements are 32”-24”-33”.
  8. Jilly Anais has a career in singing, and she released her first single in 2015 called the Juice. Jilly co-composed her debut single with Jilly and The Invaders. Soon after the release of this song, Jilly Anais dropped her first EP which is also called The Juice.

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  9. When asked about her idols, Jilly confessed that the musicians who inspired her throughout her life are Michael and Janet Jackson, Aaliyah and Beyoncé.
  10. Jilly has been active in the acting industry since she moved to Los Angeles. She had roles in several TV shows, such as Freakish, God Send and East Los High. She appeared as herself in a TV movie that is called Scooby Doo is Back.
  11. Jilly Anais’s first car was a Hummer H3 which she drove when she was 15.
  12. Jilly said that one of her favorite plants is orchid.
  13. Jilly has loved performing arts since she was a little girl. She took up ballet classes when she was a toddler.
  14. One of her passions is cooking, which she loves doing for her family.
  15. Jilly did a lot of sports as she was growing up. Some of them are cheerleading, competitive dancing, and running track. She also played soccer, basketball, volleyball and trained karate.
  16. Jilly says her favorite rappers are Chance the Rapper and Kanye West.

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  17. Jilly Anais’s favorite color is yellow.
  18. She admits that her favorite food is sushi.
  19. Jilly entered the Miss Teen Houston in 2011 which she won. It was her first pageant. Winning the crown was a big accomplishment for her.


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