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19 Best Ways of Styling Short Fine Hair

The term ‘fine’ hair is meant to describe hair which is made of strands that are very thin. Fine hair is not the same as thin hair, which refers to a smaller number of hair follicles on the scalp. Fine hair is more prone to being damaged by products than thick hair is.

If you want to spice up your overall look by styling your hair differently, but you don’t have any idea how to do it, we are here to help. Read on to discover new ways of styling your short fine hair.

1. The Side-Sweep Tuck

Source: Angled Bob Hairstyle

If you have an oval face, this side-sweep tuck behind the ear will look excellent on you. For this look comb your hair using hair foam and make a side part.

2. Moussed Back Pixie

Source: Headcurve

Your pixie cut can look smooth and sleek if you put some mousse on the comb and gently comb through your hair.

3. Classic Bob with Highlights

Source: The Skincare Edit

If you have a bob that is growing out and want to make it more chic, you should try adding some highlights. You can also style it with bangs swept to the side to make it look more sophisticated.

4. Curly Bob

Source: Short Hairstyles Idea

With a curly bob, you will look very trendy. If you want to change up a classic curly bob, lift your bangs in the front.

5. Side Parted Pixie

Source: HairDo Hairstyle

If you are over having a very short pixie cut and are in the process of growing it out, you should try parting your hair on the side. This will make you appear effortlessly stylish.

6. Disconnected Gradual Bob

Source: elWebDesants

If you are feeling a little daring, you should definitely try out this asymmetrical gradual bob with a front part that is longer than the rest of the hair on only one side. It will make your bob look more dimensional.

7. Simple Pixie Cut

Source: Pinterest

If you want to add a little playfulness to your look, you should check out this messy pixie cut with sideburns. You will look cute and youthful with this hairdo.

8. Long Pixie

Source: Pinterest

If your pixie cut is getting longer, you can style it by cutting it in the shape of a stylish lob with choppy ends.

9. Upswept Bangs

Source: Glamour

This pixie with upswept bangs gives us some subtle vintage vibes. You can replicate this hairstyle by using a round brush on your bangs and putting some mouse on them, as well as blow-drying your hair.

10. Blunt Bob

Source: Today Show

A bob such as this one makes the shape of your face extremely accentuated. People with fine hair can wear this blunt bob to make their hair appear thicker.

11. Kinky Curls

Source: behairstyles.com

This gorgeous curly long bob will accentuate your cheekbones and add thickness and a beautiful texture to your hair.

12. Wavy Pixie

Source: headcurve.com

If your pixie cut grew out to be messy, but you don’t want to shorten it, you should opt for this wavy hairstyle.  It will look casual and fashionable without much effort.

13. Layered Lob

Source: HawtCelebs

If you have very fine hair and toy want to make it more textured, check out this long layered bob. This stunning hairstyle brings attention to your eyes, and it makes your hair appear much thicker than it actually is.

14. Lob with Curly Ends

Source: StyleBistro

This trendy hairstyle looks messy but very charming. Curl the ends of your lob for a more voluminous hairdo.

15. Long Bangs

Source: Greysolon

If your bangs are longer than the rest of your hair, you could try styling them with some mousse. Make a side-part and also comb the bangs to the side if you want to achieve a chic wind-swept appearance.

16. Tapered Pixie

Source: Haircuts, Colors and Styles

Brush down your bangs, as well as the top part of your hair, to the front if you want to achieve making your layered pixie cut seem thicker.

17. Combed Pixie

Source: Short and Curly Haircuts

This sophisticated hairstyle is very easy to achieve. Your grown out pixie should be combed for a simple yet elegant look.

18. Full Bangs Pixie

Photo by Matt Crossick/PA Photos

If you have a large forehead that you want to cover while framing the rest of your face, this pixie cut with long bangs will be perfect for you.

19. Asymmetrical Bob

Source: InStyle

This gorgeous asymmetrical bob will frame your face elegantly, and it will add some texture to your fine hair.

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