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17 Most Attractive Shades of Orange Lipstick for Any Skin Tone

Orange is the new trendiest color right now and can be explored in fashion and makeup in most exciting ways. When it comes to lipstick, we are confident that every skin tone can look amazing if you find a fitting shade of orange for yours. This season it is all about the color orange, and we cannot wait to show you the 17 most attractive shades that we picked in this article!

1. Orange Lipstick in the Shade Saw-C by Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty

Source: fashionisers.com

We already know that Fenty Beauty makes a wide range of shades and is very inclusive of all skin tones. This time we are blown away by the gorgeous formulas, they released including this orange lipstick.  This highly pigmented Saw-C shade of lipstick is light on the lips and extremely matte. This exotic tangerine hue can do no wrong on darker skin tones. This collection of lipsticks is available for purchase at Sephora.

2. Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain in the Shade Unconventional Coral by YSL

Source: cosmopolitan.com

This ultra-pigmented lip stain from the brand Yves Saint Laurent is made in a bright tangerine shade, and we can’t get enough of it. The applicator of this matte lip stain has the shape similar to a lip liner which helps you apply the lipstick with precision. This lipstick can be bought at Sephora.

3. Orange Lipstick in the Shade Catherine by NARS

Source: oprahmag.com

This NARS lipstick comes in the coral orange shade and goes well with any skin tone. This romantic orange lipstick in the shade Catherine has a hydrating formula that is semi-matte. You can purchase this beautiful lip color at Net-a-Porter.

4. Orange Lipstick in the Shade Cb-96by MAC

Source: dailyvanity.sg

If you are a fan of subtle shimmer in lipsticks, this MAC orange one might be what you are looking for. The formula of this cool shade is smooth and creamy. With this orange lipstick, you will get full coverage and a beautiful pink-toned hue of orange with a semi-lustrous finish. Cb-96 is available at Nordstrom.

5. Liquid Matte Lipstick in the Shade Roper by Too Faced

Source: stylecaster.com

If you have olive toned skin, we found the perfect lipstick for you to accentuate it. This tangerine orange Too Faced liquid matte lipstick is long lasting and highly pigmented. The applicator for this lipstick is made to look like a gloss applicator, and the formula has ingredients that will hydrate your lips. The lipstick contains avocado oil and vitamin E. You can find this wonderful shade at Sephora.

6. Orange Liquid Lipstick in the Shade A-Go-Go by Kat Von D

Source: elle.com

Kat Von D’s liquid lipsticks are always excellent, but this time, we present a lipstick that genuinely lasts throughout the day, and it does not dry out your lips. It is wet when applied, but in a couple of seconds, it dries to an incredible matte formula. You should definitely check out this shade at Sephora.

7. Vice Orange Lipstick in the Shade First Sin by Urban Decay

Source: Amazon

If you are looking for a softer shade of orange, we recommend the orange lipstick from the Vice collection in the shade First Sin. This Urban Decay lipstick has a formula that is as creamy as it is hydrating. Even though it is not extremely long lasting, this lipstick does not dry out your lips. This elegant shade can be bought at Nordstrom.

8. Liquified Orange Lipstick in the Shade Arrowroot by Bite Beauty

Source: Pinterest

The Amuse Bouche liquid lipstick collection by Bite Beauty was highly anticipated, and our favorite is, without doubt, the orange-colored shade Arrowroot. This fresh earthy-toned orange comes with red undertones and a satin finish. The formula is made of natural ingredients, and every lipstick is made in small batches by hand. Do not miss the opportunity to buy this trendy shade at Sephora.

9. MatteTrance Orange Lipstick in the Shade Elson 2, by Pat McGrath Labs

Source: Amazon

If you love red lip colors, this shade by Pat McGrath Labs will interest you. The red-orange shade Elson 2 has orange undertones mixed with a highly pigmented shade of red. We are sure that this hue will look stunning an every skin tone. MatteTrance Orange Lipstick is available at Sephora.

10. Orange Lipstick in the Shade Mandarin by Chantecaille

Source: elle.com

Chantecaille has produced this vibrant shade of orange lipstick, and we cannot take our eyes off of it. This romantic shade called Mandarin is made of an intensely hydrating formula that is smooth and does not contain parabens. If your skin tone is a warmer one, you cannot go wrong with this sophisticated lip color. You can find it at Net-a-Porter.

11. Liquid Lipstick in the Shade Spicy by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Source: fashionisers.com

This liquid lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills has extremely opaque pigmentation and a matte finish. This beautiful shade is sure to last all day and is a perfect pick for someone who wants to spice up their life. This orange lipstick is available for purchase at Nordstrom.

12. Orange Lipstick in the Shade Jungle Queen by Lipstick Queen

Source: cosmopolitan.com

This orange lipstick by Lipstick Queen has a formula that is, which means that you can build it up by your liking. The shade Jungle Queen is sold in fun packaging, and it will be a great match for you if an opaque lipstick is too much for you. The formula of this orange lipstick helps keep your lips hydrated and makes them smooth. It also contains vitamin E which nourishes your skin. Check out Jungle Queen at Net-a-Porter.

13. Orange Lipstick in the Shade Wanted Coral No. 16 by Givenchy

Source: marthastewart.com

When it comes to lipsticks, Givenchy produces yet another classic, and this time it comes in the shade Wanted Coral No. 16. This signature Givenchy bullet is made in elegant black packaging. This brighter shade of orange is not too adventurous, but it brings you classiness and is a stylish addition to your look. You can buy this sophisticated orange lipstick at Net-a-Porter.

14. Orange Lipstick in the Shade Connor 97 by Tom Ford

Source: Tom Ford

If the orange lipstick trend is too intense for you, and you prefer to stay in your comfort zone, we recommend that you try out this delicate shade of orange made by Tom Ford. This lipstick has a formula that is hydrating and creamy and flatters every skin tone. You can find Connor 97 at Net-a-Porter.

15. Orange Lipstick in the Shade Tell Laura by Charlotte Tilbury

Source: Charlotte Tilbury

Beauty guru Charlotte Tilbury has given us this coral orange shade with soft pink undertones. This whole gorgeous collection of lipstick is hard to resist. The shade Tell Laura, as well as the other beautiful shades, is available at Nordstrom.

16. Orange Lipstick in 197 Rouge Cherieby Lancôme

Source: Lancôme

This luxurious orange shade by Lancôme has made it into new packaging. The classic formula has a satin finish, and you can choose to apply just one layer if you want the coverage to be light or more layers for full coverage. Shade 197 Rouge Cherie is available for purchase at Sephora.

17. Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in the Shade Orange County by NYX

Source: nyxcosmetics.com

Out of all the shades we have selected so far, this one is the ‘orangest.’ The formula of this fun NYX liquid lipstick is matte and waterproof as well extremely pigmented. If you are not afraid of trying out new things, this one is for you. The shade Orange County can be found at Ulta.

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