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17 Awesome LOL Surprise Dolls

Everyone likes to get a present; it is often not just the gift that is in the box, but the excitement of the unboxing. LOL Surprise toy is just that, the more you unwrap it, the more surprises are there, from 7 to 50 and more new things you can find in these toys. There are stickers, dolls, messages, and many accessories. No matter if you get the Doll, a LOL pet or the miniature version Lil Sister the surprises are waiting for you all wrapped around them.

Bigger surprise

Source: Amazon


For this one, you have to wait a little bit, until September 25, when it officially comes out. Bigger surprise adds over ten more surprises; it exceeded the original Big Surprise, and if you want a sneak peek there are videos on You-tube, but we know it comes with a Doll, a pet and a Lil Sister, so the whole package is here, and it is for a limited time only.

House with Real Wood

Source: PopSugar

Over 85 surprises in these three feet tall and vide wooden house filled with accessories like pool, elevator, lights and sound, even a spa. It comes with Family Doll, Lil Sister, and a pet if that is not enough, it comes with a moving truck and furniture that you can unbox.

Fashion Crush

Source: BrickSeek

Only three surprises in this one, but it comes with a spyglass so you can look for clues to find Dolls pet. An outfit is inside a pair of shoes, an accessory, and a poster.

Confetti Pop-Series 3

Source: Amazon

Nine surprises in confetti pop ball, but it comes with a twist. Some of them are revealed with water, and it even has a surprise confetti explosion so beware. It has Doll with a water surprise, accessories, ring tattoo, stickers and more. You can collect 35+ new dolls in this series.

Under wraps Doll

Source: Amazon

Another spy series toy, with 15 surprises to find and unwrap, there is a Doll that comes in a container, an outfit for her and a mystery disguise. Moreover, if you give the Doll, some water more surprises are to be discovered.

Lil Sister let’s be friends

Source: popsugar.com

Five surprises in this one. Limited edition Lil Sister but with a similar unboxing, it comes with a spyglass and clues, another Eye Spy toy, there are two accessories and try to use water on this one, see what happens.

Biggie Pet Dollmation

Source: Amazon

This one is a spy series too where you can find clues for the next surprise, within more than 15 surprises, and it is a pet doll. You can use Doll as a backpack or piggy bank, and in the set are more little surprises like two pet babies, necklace, a forum teller heart, and many more.

Glam glitter series Doll

Source: Amazon

In this ball, you can find seven surprises, with a whole variety of stickers, shoes, outfits, accessories, and a Doll. You can use the ball as a carrying case for the Doll, and water has something to do in this one too.


Source: Amazon

Seven layers with seven surprises and one pet in the middle, the ball can be used as a carrying case, and there are secret messages, stickers, shoes, accessories and try taking your pet to the bath with you.

Pop-Up Store Doll – Display Case

Source: picclick.co.uk

You can display your dolls in this display case, it comes with one Doll only, but she is exclusive, and if you want to play with a case it is also a little store, with café, boutique and pizza place. There is even a place for accessories for the Dolls.

Glitter Series – 2 pack

Source: walmart.ca

A carrying case and a display for your Doll, it has seven surprises like shoes, an outfit, water battle and more. It comes with a water surprise and a LOL Doll.

Lil Sisters Ball

Source: popsugar.com

Smaller Doll but still as lovely as her big sister, Lil Sister LOL Surprise has five surprises, it comes with a Lil Sister Doll and other collectibles, and you can use the ball as a carrying case for her.

Pets Series 3

Source: productexpert.com

Seven layers to peel and enjoy surprises that are coming, secret messages, sticker, and sticker sheet, water bottle, shoes, outfit, accessories. The pet inside has a twist to it if you give him water from a water bottle he can cry, or change color, or tinkles.

Doll Series 2

Source: Pinterest

Like the other toys, it comes with seven surprises and a Doll itself with a water surprise. The ball can be used as a playset, or a display and a carrying case.

Pearl Style 2

Source: Amazon

Limited edition Doll in this Pearl style surprise, with six mini pearl balls, and it has a Lil Sister doll too. The case can be used as storage or for carrying, and there are small accessories in six mini pearl balls. You can drop the case in water and discover the dolls.

Doll Series 1

Source: Amazon

Seven surprises like in the other Doll series packaging, with all the accessories it comes with, water surprise and a portable case.

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