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16 of the very best PJ masks toys

These masks gained great popularity because of the animated series, currently in the second season. Time to be a hero a slogan that every child has deep connection within and these toys can be their partners in fighting crime. You can buy a vast variety of these toys, and from different manufacturers, that is why there are a lot of combinations and add-ons for them, however, we compiled it to sixteen that we think are the best.

1. Catboy and Cat Car

Source: YouTube

If you want to transport the whole team, you can do it with a cat car that comes with this Catboy toy. All dressed up in his costume, with his mighty car that all “Time to be a hero,” fans will identify when they see it. Your child can play with his friends, and the whole team can race to bad guys and save the day.

2. Deluxe Headquarters

Source: Hamleys

Almost the same as the one in the show, these headquarter is a real deal. Your kid can play with his friends or play alone, and this headquarters has it all, three quarters for our favorite heroes, separate working hatch. When the time comes for some adventure, you can call your friends, team up and you are ready for action.

3. Wonder Forge

Source: YouTube

You get 72 tiles on this set, all very durable and bright colored great for kids. Matching games have been around for decades and are great for children to improve their memory. Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko are on these tiles, and it will be easy for a true fan to win the game by keeping the pair when they find it, whoever has the most pairs is the winner.

4. Costume of the Catboy

Source: Amazon.com

If you are tired of playing with toys and want to be a hero than suit up in this full body costume. You can be a Catboy not just play with toys of him. The soft fabric is comfortable for your little one age 3+, and it fits sizes 4-6x. Blue costume with all the Cat boys details is a perfect gift. There are also costumes for Owlette and Gekko, so if you can have a real team of superheroes in your home.

5. Bath Toys

Source: YouTube

The whole team is in this set of toys. Fighting crime can be dirty sometimes, and when it is time for a bath, your little superheroes can bring these toys with them. The toys can be filled with water and shoot a stream of water. They are about 4″ tall and when it is time for a refill, just put it under the water, and you are ready again for new adventures.

6. Night ninja bus

Source: YouTube

Night ninja is here in his awesome vehicle, an open top bus in which you can put your toys, up to 3 superheroes, and when the wheels roll, of they go to save the day, or to cause chaos if Night Ninja teams up with Romeo.

7. Spiral die cast playset

Source: YouTube

Who has the fastest vehicle from PJ Masks? This playset is the perfect way to find out. It has two tracks that spiral down, six obstacles to get over to the finish. Starting from the top, when you push the lever, we will know who is the fastest.

8. Deluxe fighter set

Source: YouTube

All the characters are here, the complete PJ Masks main line up. 16 figures that you can play with, and you probably do not need anything more because they come with their accessories. The only thing you need now is a good imagination and play on.

9. Capes and masks for Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko

Source: YouTube

Blue, red and green costumes, easy to put on satin capes with a matching mask, this set is the full package when it comes to fighting crime. You can go alone or bring friends and go together to new adventures.

10. Super moon rocket

Source: YouTube

Suit up and blast to new heights with this Super moon rocket. This rocket ship can open and inside you will find Gekko with his space rover ready to go. Handle on the top helps in carrying or maneuvering your space ship thru the mysteries of the universe. When it is time to land there is landing gear, and of you go concurring new worlds.

11. Super Catboy watch

Source: YouTube

Not just a watch but also a learning tool for your child, open the cover, and there is a clock, that can help your kid in learning time, and there are four different games in it as well. Games can help in math, and if you want your kid to be organized and punctual, there is a built-in timer. Bright blue color with a Catboy symbol on top that any true fan can appreciate.

12. Owl glider deluxe vehicle

Source: Amazon.com

Get to the action fast with Owlette in an Owl glider. Like the other vehicles in the series, it can hold the entire crew of superheroes. The Owl glider has lights and sound, and if you push the tail, the wings flap.

13. 14″ Feature plush Owlette

Source: Amazon.com

Nice and soft, a great toy for a child, and for a fan, when you press the hands it sings and speaks phrases from the show. A high-quality toy that looks like the real deal, you can bring it to bed and go together in the magical dreamland fighting crime.

14. Children’s 2 in 1 flip open foam sofa

Source: Amazon.com

Great for kids who love the show, soft and lightweight and can fold out so the kid can take a nap. It has all three of our favorite heroes on it. It is durable so you can play on it with your toys true the whole day.

15. Catboy transforming figure set

Source: Amazon.com

It comes with two figures, a daytime Connor and nighttime Catboy. With a simple push, you can change between them, place the figures in compartments, Connor in one and Catboy in the other, and when you press the chamber to rotate, the magic happens, and off you go fighting crime.

16. Learning Tablet

Source: Amazon.com

Time to be a hero, learning tablet, with this, your child can have fun and learn at the same time. Letters, vocabulary, problem solving, and more programs to help your child with learning, it has six learning games, runs from 2 AA batteries, and if you got the watch, nothing is stopping you in having fun, education, and going to adventure.

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