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16 fast and simple ways to decorate your home

Renovating your living space can be a drag sometimes and can cost a lot of money. Therefore we bring you sixteen ways to do it cheaper and easier.

1. Exchange old lamps with new ones or change the light bulbs with color ones.

2. If it’s not yet time for painting the entire house, you can paint just part of the wall and bring some freshness to your home. Paint insides of bookshelves or part of the wall behind the TV, and if you want more light in the room, paint the ceiling in a slightly lighter color than the rest of the walls.

Source: LampsUSA

3. Use two high contrast colors like black and white, yellow and white are any other combination, paint the walls in blue if you have white furniture. With blending these high contrast colors, your living space will look tight and neat.

4. If you have paintings or photos on the wall, take them down and move them to a new place in the house. It will seem as if you were watching them for the first time.

5. Change current chandelier with a used one you can find in a secondhand shop. You can paint light bulbs in white and hang crystals from it — old chandelier shining a new light.

Source: The Spruce

6. Change tiles behind the faucet in the kitchen or behind the stove. Those are the places that get dirty the most. This shouldn’t be a huge investment, but if you think it will cost a lot, there are waterproof wallpapers that you can use instead.

7. Small things can make all the difference. Buy glass mats, weird picture frames, simple flower vase.

8. Find different color flowerpots and plant spices in them. Put them on the kitchen window. Therefore you have fresh spices when you are cooking, and it looks great.

Source: The Independent

9. Towel holders, soap containers, and toothbrush cups don’t have to be from plastic. Find unusual wooden or pottery holders to modernize your home.

10. If you want to fire up a dull looking bedroom, take red or pink light bulbs or find lamps in those colors and bring some romance back.

11. Another cheap way to change something in your home is to replace handlebars on drawers and kitchen elements.

Source: CliqStudios

12. Change bathroom curtains and towel hooks, and it will liven up even the dullest bathroom.

13. Find a big picture frame and put plates or smaller picture in it, and paint it in white — unique, but simple and effective decoration.

14. If you want to bring more light in the room, put a mirror on the opposite side of the window.

Source: HouseLogic

15. Take a stroll down the park or forest if you have one near you, and pick everything you think can be useful. A tray full of pinecones, a glass bowl filled with colored stones or with clamps and wildflowers to make a beautiful arrangement.

16. Paint front door in a bright and cheerful color put a new lamp and change that old mailbox. What more do you need?

Source: minimagazin.info

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