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15 Incredibly Small and Stylish Bags That Are Must-Have

Mini bags have been around for several seasons in a row, and they can be worn along with another bag, that is bigger, or they can be seen as a stand-alone bag. Small bags also go well with the Konmari method, as they make you carry fewer things inside them when you go about your day. Nonetheless, most of these small bags can be seen as not practical since they can carry a smartphone. However, this article will introduce you to the 15 most exciting and stylish handbags in the fashion world, as well as explain this beautiful mini bag trend.

15 Most fashionable mini bags to keep an eye on

1. Chanel Flap Bag

Source: Instagram

This small Chanel bag is not cheap by any means, but it can be seen as a way of owning a more affordable Chanel bag. This bag, decorated with a pearl chain and made out of lambskin, can be an excellent addition to any outfit and make it look classy. It has a trademark Chanel logo in gold, as well as the classic diamond pattern. This small bag can fit some cash, several cards, or even a smaller phone. You can buy this bag on the Chanel website.

2. Jacquemus Hot Pink Croc Leather Bag

Source: Pinterest

This is not the first of Jacquemus mini bags made in the past few seasons, and it isn’t the smallest either! This mini bag is made of croc-patterned leather, and it comes in a beautiful hot pink color. This flap mini bag can be worn with a neutral colored outfit to help make it more interesting. It can be ordered online at the Moda Operandi website.

3. Acrylic Bag Shaped Like a Bee Hive

Source: IMAGE.ie

This bag is one of the unique and fascinating ones, because of its creatively made shape that looks like a beehive. This small bag is made out of brown acrylic material, and it weighs one and a half kilograms, even though it is small in size. It is a Cult Gaia bag, and it can hold some cards and a small phone. This mini bag opens in the middle, and it can be bought at the Net-a-Porter website.

4. Miu Miu Micro Bag with Crystal Fringe

Source: milanoimai.com

A micro bag that is the size of this Miu Miu one would probably be the most suitable for an upscale event or a night out when you don’t carry a lot of stuff with you, but you want to make a statement. This goatskin leather mini bag is big enough to fit your credit cards and is embellished with a crystal fringe. This mini bag, available at Net-a-Porter, is made with a detachable chain that is adorned with jewels.

5. Tote Bag with Acrylic Beads

Source: Pinterest

This acrylic bag has another small bag inside it, which is made of lurex. The beauty of this bag is that it represents two trends in one, as it works as a bucket bag and as a tote. You can buy this acrylic beaded bag in the color of tortoiseshell at Net-a-Porter.

6. Mini Croco Embossed Leather Bag

Source: Amazon

This By Far bag is perfect for someone with a more classic taste in bags. It is made of leather with a croc-embossed pattern in the color tan. The shoulder strap on this bag can be detached, and it can be carried by the handle. You can buy this bag at Farfetch.

7. Pastel Lilac Mini Bag

Source: fashiola.fr

With its soft pastel lilac color, this stylish mini bag can be worn with almost any summer outfit. Its classic design gives it a ‘60s feel but still makes it timeless. The handle of this small bag is made out of transparent beads, and its shoulder strap is made to be detachable. This pastel bag’s shape is a rectangle, and it can be used as a day bag. Check it out at Shopbop website.

8. Mansur Gavriel Small Bucket Bag

Source: eBay

This bag is a mini version of the famous Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. Its pastel pink color makes it well suited for summer outfits along with its minimalist style. Its strap is adjustable, which gives you the option to carry this bag over the shoulder or in a cross-body manner. This small bucket bag can be found at Net-a-Porter.

9. Spiky Salar Mini Bag

Source: Pinterest

This round mini bag from Salar is definitely not for everyone’s taste. If you like peculiar accessories, this handbag will undoubtedly catch your eye. This mini bag comes with a removable chain shoulder strap and a round metal handle. This purple PVC covered leather bag has spikes that are placed all over the sides. This small futuristic bag can be ordered from Farfetch.

10. Small Transparent Bag

Source: Instagram

A transparent bag like this is a perfect fit for an elegant outfit. It is round and shaped so that it can open vertically with a clasp that is magnetic. Parts of this bag that are not transparent are made of rattan, with some gunmetal details. This small bag can be found at Forward.

11. Small PVC Bag

Source: fashiola.fr

This violet PVC bag would be a great fit for someone that loves extraordinary textures. This Furla chain strap mini bag’s design is classic even though its color is unusual.  You can buy this small bag with a detachable shoulder strap at Farfetch.

12. Saint Laurent Necklace Minaudière

Source: glowsly.com

This unconventional mini bag which can be carried like a necklace is called minaudière. A fashionable item such as this one walks a fine line between handbag and jewelry. This Saint Laurent number is made of croc-embossed leather and is shaped like a box of cigarettes. It is adorned with tassels which hang from the sides of the bag, attached to the silver strap. This small bag can be worn across the body or around the neck, as a necklace. Check it out at Forward’s website.

13. Lether and Suede Small Bag

Source: rstyle.me

This mini bag is a smaller version of the Chloé Faye bag, and it is a perfect fusion of casual style and classiness. The taupe suede and leather are combined with some chain and ring details. This glamourous leather bag with a trapezoid shape is out of the ordinary and can be purchased at Net-a-Porter.

14. Boho Mini Box Bag

Source: Pinterest

This micro box bag made of black suede has several boho-chic elements such as tassel at the bottom of the bag and a handle which is made of rope. The Italian-made lavish purse opens at the side, and it can be found at Forward website.

15. Marc Jacobs Camera Bag

Source: glowsly.com

This Marc Jacobs small pink handbag is made of leather and has red and gold details. It comes with a thick detachable shoulder strap, so you have the option to carry it like a clutch. This mini camera bag has several compartments and can carry quite a few of your possessions.  You can order it at Shopbop.

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