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15 Fun Hairdos with Bangs for Medium Length Hair

Hair is considered to be of medium length if it falls to your shoulders or approximately 4 inches below that, as well as any length in between. A lot of women don’t style their medium length hair, but with a right hairstyle, they would look even more fabulous. Read on to find out which fun hairstyle with bangs for medium length would suit your face shape the best.

1. Messy Wavy Hair With Bangs

Source: whereitstands.com

Wavy hair with bangs covers your cheekbones and forehead, which makes your face appear smaller.  This kind of hairstyle is best for people with heart or round face shape.

2. Big Waves With Front Bangs

Source: Real Simple

Big waves bring out the volume of your hair and the bangs that are styled to be split in the center reveal a part of your forehead, which makes it look wide and not large. This hairstyle looks the most beautiful with ombre-colored hair.

3. Long Side-Swept Bangs

Source: RecomendoAgora

Long bangs swept to the side will look incredible on any face shape. This hairstyle is classic and easy to maintain.

4. Emo Style With Deep Side-Swept Bangs

Source: clotildejimenez.com

If you are a teen or a young adult, you can easily rock this emo hairstyle. Deep bangs swept to the side, and straight layers make your look more dramatic.

5. Long Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

Source: Vick Vanlian

This lob has been very trendy for a long time. Bangs will look perfect with this hairdo for people with a large face or a circular one. Deep bangs that are swept to one side will elongate the appearance of your face.

6. Side Bangs With A Low Bun

Source: The Cuddl

If you need to have your hair styled more sophisticated for a formal event, you should try making a low bun. Side bangs will add a stylish elegance to your bun, and you can even curl them lightly.

7. Asymmetrical Haircut

Source: Pinterest

Asymmetrically cut hair is a new eye-catching trend. One side of your hair is made shorter, and you can choose the difference in length between the two sides. This will make your lovely locks more chic and accentuate your eyes.

8. Front Bangs With A Half Ponytail

Source: Pinterest

This casual style is achieved when you comb parts of your hair from sides as well as the front and push it up at the center of the head. Then pin the selected locks in place. This will make a little pouf and make your face look slimmer.

9. Half Top-Knot With Center Bangs

Source: Marie Claire

You can part your straight center bangs in the middle to make a side-banged look. The half top-knot will make you look relaxed and elegant at the same time.

10. Fishtail Braid With Curled Bangs

Source: Sophie Hairstyles

If you want to get this look, sweep your bangs to the side and curl them at the end and complete it with a lavish fishtail braid for an incredibly sophisticated hairstyle.

11. Low Pouf Ponytail With Swept Bangs

Source: Pinterest

Long side-swept bangs will be a perfect match for any low ponytail, especially if you pouf it slightly. This trendy hairstyle will bring a little bit more volume to your hair, and it will put an accent on your eyes and cheekbones.

13. Side-Swept Bangs With Big Soft Curls

Source: Pinterest

These soft curls look amazing on any face shape, but if you want to make your long face appear more proportionate, you can cut your bangs and style them by sweeping them to one side. This will bring focus to your beautiful eyes and jawline.

13. Curly Hair And Bangs

Source: Pinterest

Curly bangs with a fine texture will undoubtedly make you look striking so you should not be afraid to try out this fashionable hairstyle.

14. Deep Side-Swept Bangs With A Blunt Cut

Source: Pinterest

Deep bangs that are swept to one side are comfortable to wear and can make your whole look appear more eye-catching. They will accentuate your eyes and mouth and can cover a long forehead. If your face is oval or long, a blunt haircut will make it look more proportionate.

15. Wavy Bangs With Curly Ends

Source: Hairstyle Stars

If you are bored with your straight hair, this hairstyle will suit you perfectly. Curl the ends of your hair to make it more lush and voluminous. Big wave will make any face appear smaller, and the bangs will accentuate your jawline.

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