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15 Coolest Oversized Sunglasses – The Frisky

Not only will these fashionable shades protect your eyes in the hot summer sun, but they will also serve as eye-catching accessories that make an excellent addition to any outfit. If you choose the right pair of glasses, your whole look will immediately become so much more enjoyable. It is sure that whichever pair of these beauties you decide to wear, they will bring stand out and elegance to your outfit. Here are 15 of our favorite cool oversized sunglasses!

1. Round Oversized Sunglasses

Source: Marchon Eyewear

Now is the best time to shop for items that are inspired by the ‘70s style since they are currently trendy. These Chloe round oversized sunglasses have a gold frame that is made out of several thin wires. The lenses are light and brown colored, and they also provide 100% UV protection. These stylish Chloe sunglasses can be found at Net-a-Porter.

2. Black and Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Source: TK Maxx

These sunglasses with black colored frames and handles the color of tortoiseshell have dark brown lenses. Their square design makes them look modern along with the unusual cut-out at the bridge that is triangle shaped. You can buy these Pared oversized glasses with a bulky frame online at Shopbop.

3. Metal Shield Aviator Sunglasses

Source: Lyst

Aviator glasses are the best fit for unisex outfits and are suitable for wearing whether you choose to put on classy or casual clothes. The thing that is best about aviator glasses is that they can be big and oversized without overwhelming your face. These elegant and lavish oversized sunglasses with metal shields over the lenses come from Dior and can be purchased at Nordstrom.

4. Clear Lilac Sunglasses with Crystals

Source: Lyst

Even though this oversized Acne Studios pair of sunglasses has see-through frames, they are far from unnoticeable. The trendy lilac color of these glasses along with the crystals, which are placed all around the lenses, is certainly going to turn some heads. No outfit you choose can be boring if you accessorize it with this lovely pair. You can buy these sunglasses at My Theresa.

5. Oversized Sunglasses with Green and Red Stripes

Source: Neiman Marcus

These Gucci oversized sunglasses are made with a clear frame decorated with signature green and red stripes. The handles of these glasses are made to be of clear green colorand have golden GG plaque on them. The lenses of these eye-catching square shaped glassesare tinted olive. You can buy this stylish pair on Net-a-Porter.

6. Oversized Sunglasses with Glitter

Source: Lyst

These Karen Walker oversized sunglasses are perfect for all of you who are glitter lovers. The frame of these glasses is a combination of a square shape and a butterfly shape. These beautiful sparkly shades are made of clear brown frames with glitter that looks just playful enough without being over the top. The lenses on these oversized glasses are a grey ombre color, and the handles connect with the frame with a gold arrow metal detail. This Karen Walker pair is available at Shopbop.

7. Round Oversized Sunglasses

Source: Tradesy

This pair of Celine glasses are inspired by the mod style and can bring classiness to any outfit. The round shape and low-sitting handles resemble the iconic sunglasses that were worn by the always elegant Jackie O. The frame comes in glossy black or white color with black lenses that will keep your eyes well shielded. This sleek pair can be purchased at Nordstrom.

8. Big sunglass with Gold Detail

Source: eBay

We are confident that you cannot make a mistake if you choose to enhance your look with a pair of these square-shaped aviator sunglasses. The classic design of the glossy black frame is a perfect fit for most face shapes. The bridge is decorated with gold-detailed vertical cut-outs which make them look even more luxurious. You can find these sunglasses at Forward.

9. Cat Eye Sunglasses

Source: NA-KD.com

This cat-eyed frame is unlike all the others out there. The frame is modernized with the cut-outs on each side which make a double cat eye shape. The sunglasses are made to be in the style of Audrey Hepburn with a modern twist. The sleek black frames are paired with black lenses for a complete urban look. This stylish pair is available at Net-a-Porter.

10. Big Threaded Sunglasses

Source: British Vogue

This Stella McCartney pair of oversized sunglasses are made with a fun twist in a boho style. These light-colored sunglasses would couple excellently with a festival outfit this season. The light pink frames of these glasses are made with small holes along the top side. A gold thread is looped through the hole, which makes these sunglasses add a little spark to casual outfits. You can buy this chic pair at Shopbop.

11. Clear Oversized Sunglasses

Source: Lyst

These all-clear oversized sunglasses are probably the only kind of sunglasses that don’t block your face at all. These Loewe shades are made of clear frames and lenses so you cannot hide behind them. They bring a futuristic vibe to your overall look as well as protect your eyes from UV rays. You can purchase these elegant sunglasses at My Theresa.

12. Frameless Oversized Sunglasses

Source: Amazon.com

These frameless sunglasses have big orange tinted lenses that are in a square shape. This pair of oversized glasses don’t hide your eyes well; however, it protects them from the sun. There are gold details on these sunglasses that add a stylish ‘70s vibe to your look. The glasses are available at Forward.

13. Rose-Colored Oversized Sunglasses

Source: Ray-Ban

This pair of sunglasses has pink lenses and light golden-brown frame. These elegant sunglasses will give your eyes the protection they need. The shape is a mixture of an oval and square shape, and the bridge of these glasses reminds us of the retro ‘60s style. You can buy this trendy pair online at Net-a-Porter.

14. Geometric-shaped White Glasses

Source: Goggles and Glasses.com

These oversized sunglasses have a futuristic style with the white geometric-shaped frame that resembles a hexagon and dark blue lenses. They also have details in grey color, and they would be a perfect fit for someone looking for unusual and sleek shapes. This trendy pair is available at Shopbop.

15. Rectangular Black Sunglasses

Source: Pinterest

These oversized black-framed glasses with dark black lenses have an outer space kind of look. The handles are in a wrap-around style which gives this pair a protective glasses appearance. The eyes will be hidden entirely when you wear this pair of glasses that look like they came straight from the ‘80s. You can buy this elegant pair of sunglasses at My Theresa.

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