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15 Best Hairstyles for Square Face

A square face is something most girls desire and hairstyles on that type are to die for. But, women still have to wisely pick their hairstyles and makeup in order to point up their best features. Check out these hairstyles you need to try if you have a square face:

1. Long curls

Source: StyleBistro

The strong and defined jawline is characteristic for square faces and curls help softening it up.

2. Loose Braids

Source: Good Housekeeping

This hairstyle suits everyone and it will add a feminine touch to the whole look.

3. Long hairdo

Source: HairDo Hairstyle

Long hair is always trendy. It will help you enhance your best facial parts. This hairstyle can look both casual and dressy.

4. River waves

Source: Pinterest

Waves like this can make your face look longer, and it can point up some of your best features.

5. Wispy curls

Source: Instazu

If you want to change your hairstyle, give this one a go. It is different, flattering and bold!

6. Lob with layered bangs

Source: Pinterest

The long bob, or lob, is one of the most popular hairstyles. It perfectly fits women with a square face, giving them elongated face and prominent features.

7. Curly bob with bangs

Source: Scalsys

A bit retro, but still very flattering! This hairstyle will leave everyone speechless.

8. Long Layers

Source: SeasonOutfit

If you want to play safe – this is the hairstyle for you. It will definitely elongate your face and make room for the upcoming hairstyles.

9. Mild cascading curls

Source: Frauen Blog

Curls add softness to the square face, making it look calmer and gentler. Definitely give this one a go.

10. Curly Layers

Source: GoodFon

Curls are always great; just add layers and you are on the safe road.

11. Shoulder length bob with fringes

Source: Dumpor

Not too short but perfect – this length will help accentuate best features on a square face.

12. Asymmetric short bob with bangs


A hairstyle like this will help you round the sharpness of the jaw, and it can also elongate a face.

13. Wine red bob

Source: Simply Wigs

With style like this, you can accentuate your best features while softening the others. Besides, who wouldn’t want a hair color as stunning as this one?

14. Burgundy long asymmetric bob

Source: Highlights Hair

If you are afraid of having a short hair and still want to elongate your face, this long asymmetric bob is perfect for you.

15. Messy long curls

Source: megsmith

Do not forget to enhance the beauty of your face. With these long messy curls, you can achieve that fast and still look amazing!

See – there are plenty of hairstyles for your face type! Which one is your favorite?

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