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13 Ways to Redo Your Home Without Spending a Dime

If you think you need a lot of money to give your living space a new shine, you don’t. Here are thirteen fun, simple and practical ideas to refurbish and change your home without spending any money.

1. Old Paint

Source: HGTV.com

Look in the basement there is probably a can of old color collecting dust somewhere, why not use it to refurbish an old table, chairs, doors and give them a facelift. If you are painting woodwork, you should first apply colorless lacquer than paint over the desired color.

2. Old fabric

You probably have some old fabric lying around that you forgot about and don’t use anymore. Throw them over the couch or make pillowcases from them, but make sure they work well with the rest of your home interior.

3. Photos that you forgot about

Source: Southern Living

There are some albums and old photos in some drawer, or behind some books, some of those are surely the ones you love but have forgotten about them. Take them out, and put them in some cute frames all over the house. On walls, on shelves, coffee table, or where ever you seem fit.

4. Rearrange

Sometimes the simplest thing to do is usually the best. Just rearrange your living space. Move one chair to a different place in the room, maybe you can take from another room and bring to another, or throw something out, that way you get more space and you won’t miss that old useless thing you didn’t even use.

5. Cabinet and door handles

Source: Pinterest

Decorate handles on doors and cabinets with silver strips and bring some sparkle in your home.

6. Wallpaper

Don’t throw away old wallpaper instead use them to cover shelves and inside drawers.

7. Decorate walls

Source: Crov.com

You like to travel or have a friend that does, and he always brings you postcards, put them on a wall make an interesting collage.

8. Cover that old bed header

Make a new bed header just by putting something over that old one that warned off, blanket or a nice cover and behold a new bedroom look.

9. Flowers

Source: Shutterfly

If you have a garden, you must have flowers in it. Pick the best ones and put them in every corner of your house to bring a breath of fresh air.

10. Fireplace

Summer is nearly here, and we don’t need that fireplace anymore, so put some candles on it or a flower pot.

11. Bath towels

Source: Behrens

Chose a variety of colors, not just one for towels and bring some life into your bathroom.

12. Glass bottles

Don’t throw away glass bottles; use them instead of flowerpots.

13. Baskets

Source: Inaaz.biz

If you have a spare basket put old newspapers, books and other trinkets in it that usually, make a mess of your home.

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