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13 Designers Trick to Set Up Your Small Bathroom

If you think you have a small bathroom and that because of that it is not functional. Here are thirteen tricks that might help you organizing it to look more modern and practical.

1. Optical illusion

Source: Ideal Home

Large mirrors can create an impression of a larger space if you put them opposite each other.

2. Floating shelves

Source: The Spruce

A modern take on what looks like the simplest of things, and it will give you more room for towels and cosmetics.

3. Horizontal stripes

Source: Pinterest

Horizontal stripes can lead an eye away from a small felling.

4. Modern metal look

Source: Ideal Home

Elegant details can enhance a space even the smallest of things and simplest of shapes.

5. Element of surprise

Source: Freshome.com

Colorful details can bring life to a dull bathroom. Pick a shower curtain that will open up space and bring freshness in.

6. Do something unexpected

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Paint bath tiles in your shower or above the bathtub and enjoy showering even more.

7. Use walls to draw attention

Source: Real Homes

Instead of painting the bathroom, you can pick tiles in vibrant colors that will completely change the look of your bathroom.

8. Basic design

Source: Money Crashers

Don’t wander too far from neutral shades and subtle textures and bold details that will pinpoint critical pieces of your décor.

9. Baskets for cosmetics products

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Find baskets that will hold your cosmetics and make-up so that the bathroom always looks nice and tidy.

10. Details

Source: Yahoo Finance

Pick some unusual details that are uncommon and put them in your bathroom, don’t be afraid to fill up the place with ones that are pleasing to the eye.

11. Vertical stripes

Source: Notasponge.com

Vertical stripes can visually extend a narrow space; therefore, the room will look longer.

12. Continuity

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

If you put something that stretches from the bottom over the walls and on to the ceiling, it will create a circle look and a feeling of a bigger room.

13. Find a color that best matches your walls

Source: The Spruce

A bathroom should be bright and painted with vivid colors, and that is all you need for it to shine away from the lack of space.

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