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11 Most Fashionable Nail Polishes in Orange for Any Skin Tone

Orange seems to be the new go-to color this season. Everybody is jumping on the trend of orange accessories, and we are here for it. One of our favorite accessories at the moment is orange nail polish. There are more shades of this vibrant color than you might think, and we have selected the best nail polishes to prove it. People of all skin tones can find at least one of the exciting orange shades suitable for them, so read on to find out more about these trendy nail polishes.

1. The Crosta Meteor Shade By Christian Louboutin

Source: us.christianlouboutin.com

This orange shade made by Christian Louboutin is inspired by a cabaret show that Christian himself choreographed. The saturated neon orange shade is bringing the pop of color in just one coat. The bottle of the Crosta Meteor shade is made in a stiletto shape for a comfortable nail painting. This nail polish is available at Net-a-Porter.

2. Vernis Gel Shine & Long Wear Nail Lacquer in the Shade 531 Hot by Dior

Source: Dior

This beautiful gel-effect nail polish shade from Dior is characteristic because of its metallic gold sheen. One of the ingredients of this polish is organic silicon, which helps to strengthen the surface of the nail. The Dior lacquer does not contain any harmful toxins, so it will not damage your nail. The sparkly finish is made of tiny specs of metallic-looking gold color, which is more subtle than glitter but still looks stunning. You can buy this beautiful shade of orange nail polish at Nordstrom.

3. Classic Orange Nail Polish in the Shade Hot & Spicy by OPI

Source: OPI

This shade of OPI lacquer is more coral than bright orange, but it fits in perfectly with any season of the year. This shade is almost a neon color coral, and it will fit exceptionally well with medium or paler skin tones. You can apply only two coats of this polish for an opaque texture, which is extremely long lasting as well, according to customers. You can purchase this beauty at Ulta.

4. Orange Nail Polish in Shade Leo, by Base Coat

Source: basecoatnailsalon.com

This Base Coat’s stylish shade of orange resembles salmon color despite it looking more yellowish in the bottle. It is an excellent fit for those who want a bold nail look. The creators of this polish tried to make it as healthy as possible, so they produced it to be free of gluten and toxins, as well as vegan. Check out this gem at Nordstrom.

5. Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Orange Nail Polish in the Shade Hot Child In The City by Deborah

Source: Deborah

This shade of orange nail polish from Deborah is excellent for you if you are tired of wearing classic red and want to expand your palette. These polishes by Deborah are perfect for replacing gel manicure because they are healthier for your nails. You don’t need a UV light to dry them. The formula of this nail polish does not contain toxins and is incredibly long-lasting. This nail polish is available at Net-a-Porter.

6. Orange Nail Polish in the Shade of Tart Deco by Essie

Source: Essie

This unusual shade of coral orange by Essie has a matte finish. This hue combines the peach color with bright orange, which makes it look incredibly stunning on any skin tone. This Essie lacquer is similar to the shade Peach Side Babe, but it seems more pinkish than peach colored. You can find the Tart Deco shade of nail polish at Ulta.

7. Orange Nail Polish in the Shade Escatin by Christian Louboutin

Source: us.christianlouboutin.com

This orange nail polish by Christian Louboutin has a UV protection that will help your nails to remain strong and well. Not only is it highly pigmented, but it is also extremely long lasting and hard to chip. The brush of this nail polish has short bristles, which makes the application easy and bubble free. You can apply only two coats for full effect. The yellow tones of this orange shade make it brighter and more exceptional. This stylish nail color can be purchased at Sephora.

8. Orange Nail Polish in the Shade Cliff 040 by TenOverTen

Source: tenoverten.com

This stunning nail polish color is a rusty orange shade that looks good on all skin tones. The formula of this TenOverTen nail polish is specially made for anyone having problems with their nails breaking. This beautiful nail polish is one of the TenOverTen’s best sellers. It is also cruelty-free and vegan and does not contain toxic chemicals that can harm your nails. Be sure to check out this lacquer at Net-a-Porter.

9. Lakur Orange Nail Polish in the Shade Camden Chic by Londontown

Source: londontownusa.com

This Lakur by Londontown prevents breaking and splitting of the nail. This beautiful bright shade has a non-carcinogenic formula, free of toxins, parabens, and gluten. It is also made cruelty free. With its glossy finish, this citrus orange shade is modern and especially trendy this year. It can be a refreshing replacement for the classic red nail color. This bold orange nail polish by Londontown is available for purchase at Neiman Marcus.

10. Orange Nail Polish in the Shade Tang Bang by Smith & Cult

Source: smithandcult.com

The Tang Bang shade of orange nail lacquer is one that is different from all the others we have selected because it is more on the darker side of orange, bordering with red. This hue is a brownish burnt shade of orange that can appear to be apricot-colored on darker skin tones, but looks incredibly well on other skin tones, too. The formula of this Smith & Cult orange nail polish is gluten-free and 7-free. The design of the bottle is bulky but extraordinary. This fashionable nail color can be bought at Net-a-Porter.

11. Beaute Nail Enamel in the Shade Paprika 19 by Paul & Joe

Source: Pinterest

This incredible nail lacquer by Paul & Joe is one of the vintage-inspired nail polishes. The perfect blend between classic and modern can be seen in the design of this lavish nail lacquer bottle. The shade Paprika 19 is a mixture of red and orange hues, and it is impossible not to love it. This bright color will stand out, especially on light skin tones. You can find this Beaute Nail Enamel nail polish at Dermstore.

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