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10 Ways To Decorate A Small Living Room

The living room is easily the most popular room in any home or apartment. However, if you’re “stuck” with a small living room, making heads or tail about decorating it can feel like a battle in Troy. Here are 10 ways for decorating a small living room that won’t break the bank.

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1. Clutter

Gather like-shape items together. This “unity amongst the chaos” creates warming disorganization that makes your room. Use this principle in combination with ceiling-high draperies to make your room seem taller than any space.

2. Small-scale Furniture

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Full-size sofas and bulky armchairs can take up a room, making it look and feel more crowded. This is why small-scale furniture is a godsend. Antique shops typically have a variety of furniture that work for your space. (Such as the love seat, petite tables or recamiers.)

3. Snuggler

Larger-than-life sofas that take up half the room is a dramatic no. A 1.5 seater frees up a lot of the floor space and can be just as “snuggly” comfortable as an L-shaped sofa. For an extra dose of comfort, consider decorating the room with floral fabrics. Fabric Direct offers various soft furnishings that make the room feel more snuggly.

4. Group of Threes

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Objects and items that are grouped into threes look visually appetizing. Corralling these groups throughout rooms can make the décor of the room take the stage, as well as freeing up leg room to walk.

5. Fill Corners

If you have a small living room, that means you have tight corners. It also means you should invest in the largest piece of furniture you can get your hands on. This helps the room feel and look more uncluttered because it seats tons of people and fills the corners. Focusing on just that area instead of littering the entire living room. Consider pairing leather folding stools close to a sectional sofa. This can “fill a corner” fast while giving your guests a conversational area.

6. Light

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Light makes rooms feel larger and more “alive”. That’s why a common rule is to hang mirrors opposite windows. Another rule is to paint the walls with a subtle green, taupe tone or pale blue/grey. These colours make rooms feel more inviting and fresher.

7. Treat the Wall

Some living spaces tend to be sad. For one reason or another, they just don’t feel “alive”. This is why it’s worth turning an empty wall into a mini-library. You can do this by building rows and columns of mini-shelves. This doubles as extra storage for trinkets, but it also makes a powerful statement and simply breathes life.

8. Add Plants

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Plants add depth to any room, are so lush that they soften corners, and add natural color to the room. Not to mention that certain plants—such as the spider plant or snake plant—detoxify the air, making the air in the room healthier.

9. Go Multi-Functional

Multi-functional furniture provides small spaces with valuable, attractive décor. Finding them is like finding a waterfall in the desert. Next time you’re on Amazon, look for coffee tables that double as a storage bin.

10. Prints

When you’re working with any small space, especially the living room, the illusion of length and width is a necessity. These two factors simply make any room feel larger than they actually are. That’s why using a variety of geometric and linear prints helps convey the feeling of maximum size.

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If you have the budget for it, consult the advice of a local interior designer. (Or talk to your fashionable friend if you have one.) Making a small living room seem embracive and large is a matter of finding out what works for you: so experiment!

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